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Zombie Social media – Why your social media marketing is not right

By on January 24, 2011

Everybody is doing social media marketing now. Sometimes, it seems like the magic solution for companies. But, Why only a few social media campaigns are being succeding? Or even better, Why so many social media campaigns are not achieving the goals?

This is the question that Nathan from Waggener Edstrom – Studio D Singapore is trying to answer. He puts forward the idea of Zombie social media” to designate the social media marketing that the most part of companies are implementing.

Too usually the issue is due to a wrong understanding of the basis of marketing . It means not aligning social media within the global marketing strategy, not having procces defined correctly, insuficient resources, etc.

The main idea we should keep in mind is that social media marketing has to be integrated on the global marketing strategy of the company and be implemented adding value. Social media is not about one-shot campaigns or promotions, social media is about process, strategy, workflow, presence, community building and influence. Otherwise, your company will become a ZOMBIE…

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