Which Social Platform is better for… SEO, Brand exposure, Sales, etc.


We are lucky! The new version of THE CMO’S GUIDE is here and now it shows beyond Facebook, Youtube or Twitter! Now, we can see other SM platforms such as Pinterest, Google +, Instagram or Quora and check for what they work better (SEO, Brand exposure, consumer communication or traffic generation).



So, basically and regarding the new social platforms:

PINTEREST: Pinterest leads the way in terms of brand exposure and traffic generation but loses importance for customer communication.

GOOGLE +: Same than Facebook but better for SEO (Google + is the Google’s social commitment) and worse in terms of traffic (I guess due to a smaller audience).

QUORA: Quora is very suitable for customer communication, above all, to connect with top influencers. Traffic to your site still low, althought I will give “good” for SEO. If you search by using formulas like “How to”, “Why do”, you will see how many times Quora appears within the first page on google search results.

Any suprises or thoughts about what social media platform is better for the above marketing objectives?
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