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Trunkster, the smartest and coolest luggage in town

By on November 19, 2014

Yep, there is a new cool product out there and it feels it’s becoming a sensation!

Trunkster is basicaslly a Zipperless Luggage with GPS + Battery + Scale. I think the idea is genius as it covers a real need for the target audience, the travelers!

In an industry defined by the same old zipper and flap luggage, Trunkster’s sexy silhouette, impeccable construction, and intelligent features define a new standard for the discerning traveler, bidding farewell to the brittle zippers, cumbersome flaps, flimsy handles, and unreliable wheels we’ve been forced to accept as the norm.

After barely 1 day they have surpassed all expectations and they are here to revolutionize the travel lugagge industry.

Here below you can check its top features:

Smart lugagge

Smart lugagge

The founders are friends which keeps me even more excited.

If you want to know more, feel free to check the Kickstarter page here

Good luck guys!


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