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Our Food, Our Questions. Mc Donald’s is KING!

By on February 26, 2013

Starbucks has lost its place as the most social company in the restaurant business. Starbucks’ loss is McDonald’s gain But how did McDonald’s do it? The answer seems to be pretty straightforward – transparency. During the second half of 2012 McDonald’s ran a well trailed campaign to open up to its public, including videos of behind the scenes at the restaurants and an open invitation to ask questions on any aspect of the McDonald’s food chain. Mc Donals best practice social media Why this Mc Donald’s Your questions is a best practice in social media? 1- Easy to use. 2- Easy to find! Questions and Answers are perfectly categorised and tagged. 3- Visually appealing. Iphone / Pinterest Look and Feel. 4- Autosuggestion enabled when tapping a questions. 5- Top questions with high engagement are in the top! In adittion to this, they have created great behind the scenes videos which add this extra of transparency and makes this a really great work!  McDonald's social media best practices Congrats Mc Donald’s because YOU GOT IT! SOCIAL MEDIA = Solutions Measurables

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