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How To Optimize Your Tweets To Increase Engagement

By on July 26, 2012

How To Optimize Your Tweets To Increase Engagement is one of the questions you might ask yourself to achieve your goals in socialmedia. Here below you will find a pretty cool Infographic about it.

twitter best practices maximizing your tweets infographicA Twitter infographic by Fusework Studios

There are some points I would like to highlight:

How To Optimize Your Tweets To Increase Engagement

How To Optimize Your Tweets To Increase Engagement

Tweeting on Weekends works actually very well. I run a reserach for one of my clients I can tell you that I was impressed with the positive results.
– To be honest, I think getting into some conclusions for a time period as wide as 8AM – 7PM looks a bit “non representative” for me.
– Using Hashtags increases engagement.
– Care about the lenght of your tweets, this is Internet and even more social media. The shorter, the better 🙂
– Regarding the input of asking to be RT’d, I would say do it but don’t all the time. Don’t just include RT, but go for the entire word “RETWEET”

Please, feel free to share your thoughts,

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