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Facebook insights “Likes sources” explanation

By on August 8, 2011

If you work on Facebook defining engagement strategies you should know what every data on Facebook insights mean.

The like sources details is probably one of the most relevant and important for businesses. Like sources are basically the common places that users decide to “like” your page, and some of the many Facebook fan sources are:

Facebook Insights like sources

Facebook Insights like sources explanation

* Application Directory
* Applications Dashboard – Friends’ Applications (labeled section)
* Applications Dashboard – Friends’ Recent Activity (labeled section
* Applications Dashboard – Your Applications (labeled section)
* Bookmark (Application bookmark)
* Games Dashboard – Friends’ Games (labeled section)
* Games Dashboard – Friends’ Recent Activity (labeled section)
* Games Dashboard – Your Games (labeled section)
* Stream (News Feed)
* Suggestions (Facebook suggestions to users)
* Requests (User to user suggestion)
* Search (Facebook search bar at the top of the page)
* Application Tab
* Fan Page (Like button at top of fan page)
* User Profile Page (Fan links from another users’ profile page)
* Fan Box (“Like Box” social plugin)
* Ads (Facebook advertising)

I hope this is useful to plan your next Facebook campaign.

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