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The concept of “Spanish TV closet” in China : Online shopping + Video Streaming

By on March 7, 2012

In Spain, there is a cool initiative called “El Armario de la Tele” (The TV closet) which is basically a website where you can buy any clothes you see on the TV. I did really like the idea because the conexion between online and offline experiences. Now, it’s China, as expected, who take the idea an creates a better concept by integrating the online shopping with video streaming.

Tmall shooping video streaming

Tmall shooping video streaming

Tha brand behind this cool inniative is who by using a dynamic image recognition technique, this video shopping service can associate goods in a video with a matched commodity in, and then give access for browsing or placing an order. If fails to find an exact match, it will offer alternates.

Tmall bra sales

Tmall bra sales

The only problem I see is the fact that users are redirected to a new page instead of having the opportunity to proceed with the buy directly on the video or at least on the same page,

To see more, click here and visit the Tmall online store

What do you think about this idea? Will it represent how online shopping experience will be in the future?

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