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Finally and among all the noise that forms Internet nowadays, I found an interesting presentation about the big topic of privacy. Aran Balkan gives plenty of details and will get your attention for sure. The full video is on Facebook and I couldn’t find it anywhere else. For more detail you can go directly to Aran’s blog

Key ideas:

– Our phone is an expansion of our self
– Data is a new asset
– Facebook facilitates the data traveling
– Brands and corporation know the more and more about what we do and think
– Surveillance of the self is an assault; a violation of the self
– If Zuckerberg does what he does we might want to do the same 🙂

digital surveillance

Thanks God for this amazing IDEA!

This campaign is brilliant not because it’s using a Virtual Reality headset but because the audience is given a full and integrated brand experience that merges both worlds…The twist at the end is just fantastic.

I’ve been always a fan of that kind of brands that enter a category and suddenly, with a proper positioning vision and a solid and smart strategy become leaders. This is the case of Gin Mare, the Mediterranean Gin. I’m amazed and cannot be more aligned with one of the greatest event ideas I’ve ever seen lately. Enjoy and distillyou life… Remember The Mediterranean is not a place but an attitude.

Mediterranean attitude

Below I’ve included the brand case developed by the consultancy Garrigos&Llopis. You will find a great analysis and many important things that define the this premium Gin and helped to build a powerful brand.

Although sites like Facebook offer a quick and nice view of what’s going on in the world (Note that Facebook prioritises news over brand posts), there are more insightful sites out here to identify relevant trends and what the future will look like. In this list I’m trying to avoid the big names like Forbes, Nielsen or Masahable.

Here below, it’s the list of 5 relevant sites for trends hunting I’ve subscribed and I follow:

About: “We help businesses process global consumer lifestyle, product and engagement insights, stimulating innovation and growth”

Reason why I like it: Recommended by one of my greatest colleagues, Stylus offers great reports not only about trends but also consumer lifestyle, new products, etc. The blog is really good if you are looking for a quick dose of inspiration.

Stylus trends

About: “With 60,000,000 monthly views, is the world’s largest, most popular trend community. Our head office is based in Toronto, Canada, and we are fueled by a global network of 155,000 members and 3,000,000 fans. Trend Hunter, Trend Hunter TV and Trend Hunter PRO feature 252,000 cutting edge ideas.”

Reason why I like it: Although a classic, I think the site still offers a nice mix of ideas, insights, product innovations, culture, etc. I like how each article is scored and it shows audience information. We can discuss whether this is really accurate or not but it adds a nice touch.

best trends sites

About: “Cool Hunting is an award-winning publication that uncovers the latest in design, technology, style, travel, art and culture. Since 2003 our original content has informed the creative community that’s designing the future.”

Reason why I like it: It’s fresh and it’s name says, the site is very focused on the cool. You can read but also listen, link, look, travel, etc. Get your attention grabbed by a cool image and read further if interested.

Best sites for trend hunting

About: “Established in 2002, we help forward-thinking business professionals in 180+ countries understand the new consumer and subsequently uncover compelling, profitable innovation opportunities.”

Reason why I like it: Free publications are good and the site is very easy to navigate and visually appealing. Their methodology includes a Trend Framework that contains the 16 mega-trends that define the future of business and consumerism at large and which form the basis of their research process.
best research companies


Use these sources to get inspired and get some validation but never stop questioning things. Go underground and observe and identify insights and spot trends on your own. And remember, curiosity is the greatest tool ever designed.

I have to say that the first time I saw this campaign, along with the WOW factor I felt a bit of “poor little creatures”; However, once you watched again, you realise that this is one of the coolest campaigns ever created. Insight is clearly defined, proof is there and more important, SUUMO is able to achieve its objectives in a very smart way.

Sometimes you have to look beyond your world to make something outstanding and extraordinary. It’s quite amazing that SUUMO’s DNA is to “create a world that you can easily move”…

Fail or win is often a question of little details. Find below 15 Ways to Fail & 25 Ways to WIN and learn how to engage correctly with the influencers.

The positioning war has started among agencies. Many agencies have taken different paths by focusing and owning specific topics / words (Engagement, influence, reputation, trust, content, social media, etc.) but only one, Golin has found the right one: RELEVANCE

I’ve been working at Golin for over 3 years now and I believe we have taken the right path. We are relevance obsessed. Even better, we are relevance equipped. Relevance is a strong word and defines the basis of marketing; No attention, No audience.

Golin Relevance agency

Golin Relevance agency

One of my colleagues told me; look, Relevance is like Facebook’s News feed. Users scroll and scroll down but there is no point to be there if you audience is not stopping and engaging. No attention, No audience…

“At Golin, we understand that thousands of brands are trying to reach the same audiences every single day. And that each of them wants to be heard. But consumers are savvier than ever when it comes to what they pay attention to and what they ignore.

There is no other agency out there that understands relevance as the key driver in effective brand communications. Others talk about trust or loyalty or brand love or disruption. We understand that none of those factors matter if your brand or company isn’t relevant. There are many cautionary tales of brands and companies once loved and trusted that became irrelevant and are no longer among us. So we study relevance. And we’ve brought in USC’s Annenberg School to co-author our intellectual property, the Relevance Fingerprint, which looks at what makes a brand relevant and why it matters.

But we don’t stop there. Through a variety of proprietary relevance-building products, we can identify the strongest opportunities that will help our clients build relevance with their target audiences.”

Relevance products

Relevance products

Durante el 2015, he tenido la suerte de hablar con bastante gente y conocer varias marcas y projectos que me han gustado mucho. He experiementado con todos ellos.


Una ginebra de claro carácter mediterráneo.Para su elaboración se utilizan diferentes elementos aromáticos muy típicos del mediterráneo como son la oliva arbequina, el tomillo, la albahaca o el romero. Todo infusionados en una base de cebada y destilado en una alambique de origen florentino

Gin Mare

– Todo el branding y packaging
– El aprovechamiento de una super tendencia en el mercado (El Gin&Tonic)
– Su marketing de diferenciación y premium approach
– En principio vienen a mi boda en Junio 🙂

– Keep it Premium! y no olvidéis la esencia mediterranéa


Meditation app. Muy sencilla, muy chula y con varios programas y opciones. He estado mirando otras varias y puedo asegurar que es mi preferida. De hecho, me he registrado en la versión de pago.

Algunos de vosotros me habréis visto compartir alguna sesión en social media. Estoy convencido que es ka nejor solución para aquellos que se inician y buscan sesiones de meditación sencillas, eficaces, anywhere, anytime.

Calm meditation

– Todo el branding. El nombre y claim es perfecto!
– Poder hacer tracking de todas las sesiones que relizas
– Muy visual, con varias opciones de backgrounds que realmente te relajan
– Su perfil de Instagram, aunque creo que deberian seguir publicando texto en las imágenes 🙂

– Keep it simple! La meditación es el futuro. Intentar ofrecer los servicios o branded sessions a empresas.


Marketplace curated de productos mediterráneos.

De la nostalgia por esa época en la que el tiempo transcurría más lento y las cosas se hacían con cariño y dedicación, nace este proyecto inspirado en los artesanos y diseñadores que sienten verdadera pasión por lo que hacen. Boutiquers es una delicada selección de Boutiques, o tiendas de productos selectos, que reúne el exquisito trabajo confeccionado en pequeños talleres del Mediterráneo.

Productos mediterraneos

– Todo el branding, la idea, la web, todos los materiales de marketing son genuinos.
– Ver como han ido creciendo poco a poco y añadiendo nuevos productos
– Me encanta lo claro de como se definen y los beneficios del proyecto

Boutiquers que es

– Keep it auténtico! Expandir la oferta de productos pero seguid fiel al Med!


Plataforma de Social listening con soluciones para analítica y Business Intelligence. Llevo como 2 años usando sus servicios en la agencia.

digimind dashboard

– El dashboard. Es muy intuitivo y sencillo. What, Who, Where, How and When!
– El servicio

– No tengo muy claro lo del icono animal hehehe, aunque me comentan que se trata de un suricato que en la sabana africana están siempre “alerta” de lo que pasa en su entorno 🙂


Marca de gafas de sol low cost pero muy cómodas de con lentes polarizadas. Bueno ahora tambien relojes!

Meller low cost gafas de sol

– Los diseños son muy chulos
– Las gafas son muy cómodas
– Creo que es una gran idea porque el mercado de gafas de sol necesitaba un low cost que ofreciera gran valor. Uno no puede gastarse 200 euros en gafas que tiene que cambiar acda año debido a la moda.
– Su Instagram!

– Cuidado que hay bastante otros productos muy similares: WolfNoir, Cerodoscinco, pero sobre todo Curetbrand … Yo invertiria en crear un diferenciador fuerte y entraría en Asia!

6- TRIP.ME es una plataforma de Internet donde los viajeros que buscan experiencias únicas pueden seleccionar, personalizar sus viajes directamente con las agencias locales en todo el mundo. Nadie conoce mejor los destinos que ellos.

– La idea, creo que el sector del travel necesita otro nuevo gran cambio
– Todo lo relacionado con viajar creo que tiene negocio
– El business model. Sencillo y con (comision a negocios locales)
– The power of LOCAL

– Creo que la customización de los viajes que ofrecen no es tan genial. Me da que la idea supera en bastante a la implementación.
– Competencia está aumentando
– El branding en este caso no es mi favorito.

Introduction to WeChat

By on December 11, 2015

Wechat is China’s leading social media platform and it’s used by 2x more people than the population of the US!

WeChat is really a swiss army knife in China and it is THE go to platform for most clients that are looking to expand within China.

Thanks to Nicolas and Minhua in Golin Shanghai for putting this together!

Emojis have been part of our communication behavior for a while. I feel now it’s the perfect moment to incorporate and integrate them into our overall digital and social strategy. See below some facts and reasons why we should embrace this format.

Why to use emojis and marketing

Why Emojis are a great format to communicate?

-> According to Swyft Media, 41.5 billion messages and 6 billion emoticons or stickers are sent around the world every day on mobile messaging apps. “When we offer mobile app users the imagery of their favorite brands, they don’t see it as advertising,” noted Evan Wray, co-founder of Swyft Media. “They see it as self-expression.”

-> Many brands are doing it already: Check the articles below:
Taco Bell:
Compilation of 2014 campaigns
10 Brands Opting to Show instead of Tell

-> iPhones added new ones in the new OS version

-> Emojis are comely used by Millennials when communicating to each other

-> It’s more native than apps. “We didn’t go create our own app because people use the emojis natively already,” explained Taco Bell rep Ashley Sioson. “We want it to be a natural tie-in to how the user already uses emojis.”

-> It’s more native than apps. “We didn’t go create our own app because people use the emojis natively already,” explained Taco Bell rep Ashley Sioson. “We want it to be a natural tie-in to how the user already uses emojis.”

Do you have any more reasons why to use Emojis for your brand?