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Uno de los últimos comerciales de Audi está generando gran interés y viralidad en la red puesto que es un spot muy interesante que capta la atención de una manera meritoria.

Lo cierto es que la mayoría de expertos hablan de identificación de insight como verdaderamente el punto más clave del éxito de la pieza. Esto es un opinión personal pero creo que se está en lo cierto, a parte de utilizar un recurso creativo (El Rex) que va al pelo para comunicar la principal ventaja del producto. De hecho yo creo que muchos están confundiendo recurso creativo con insight.

El insight no es que un Rex tiene los brazos pequeños y que por tanto no puede conducir, sino que el Rex, quien representa el target audience, no puede permitirse el coche que le gusta (brazos pequeños para alcanzarlo) debido a esta maldita época de crisis y por eso está frustrado, no sale y no se siente como antes cuando era grande, poderoso, tenía dinero, vacilaba, era el rey… La elección del Rex no es sólo por esa caracteristica física sino que el spot tiene que ver más con lo emocional (frustración). Podría a ver sido un León, pero el Rex además encaja a la perfección para comunicar el principal beneficio de este nuevo producto (condición autónoma). Ahora, nuestro target sí se lo puede permitir y vacilar aunque no tenga dinero. Por eso ha vuelto, porque el personaje vuelve a sentir aquel poder, esa fuerza de ser el amo. Recordemos que este spot no va dirigido a personas con una minusvalía en los brazos, sino al clásico comprador del Audi, y quizás mas claro aun, del Audi A3. Puedes decir que entonces porqué no aparece una promoción; la respuesta es que hablamos de Audi y no de Opel, Seat o un coche de media gama. Recuerda que es una campaña más bien de branding.

Como dije, esta es una interpretación personal, no un dogma ni la asunción de un creativo experto.

Thanks God for this amazing IDEA!

This campaign is brilliant not because it’s using a Virtual Reality headset but because the audience is given a full and integrated brand experience that merges both worlds…The twist at the end is just fantastic.

I believe that smart ideas can turn the city into a better place. Like a dancing traffic light that makes people wait and watch rather than walk through the red light.

Congrats Smart for creating this amazing piece that has already generated 5K + shares on Facebook and went Viral on Internet

For me, I think the idea of using normal people to do and record the movements in real time is without any doubt what brings the awesome to this campaign.

The dancing light

The dancing light

What Causes a Trend to Explode? How can we identify what’s next?

Experts say there are several factors that need to work together:

How to spot trends

1. Advocates: A well respected evangelist or promoter of the trend, such as a celebrity chef.

2. Validity: Trends that are supported by “credible” scientific fact (like gluten free) are more likely to catch on.

3. Buzz Appeal : The exoticness or uniqueness of the trend can help it spread, especially with social media effort behind it.

4. Economic conditions: One of the factors that has made Kale and other super vegetables popular has been the movement away from meat due to cost.

5. Larger social benefits: Consumers like ingredients that are healthy for
the planet as well as the body, which is part of the popularity of Quinoa, grown without pesticides.

6. Consumer boredom: Underpinning any trend is the natural curiosity and demand among consumers for things that are new and different. That’s why most trends are short term, running their course in 18 months.

(Food, March 2013)

Real Time Marketing has been (finally) one of the big trends in 2013 and it’s here to stay for long.

I’ve seen thousands of Christmas greeting cards this year but none of them are different. That’s the reason why I’m happy to share this great one created by Delov Digital. It takes the greatest moment of 2013 and adds a new amazing twist! Welcome to “The epic Christmas split”

Epic split plane Christmas Chuck

Epic split plane Christmas Chuck

Merry Christmas and happy New Year 2014!

When it comes to promote beers, brands tend to invest in a great concept which will be able to connect with the audience. The main trick is to be surprising by identifying that strong insight that will fascinate your consumer and will make it worth sharing. I’d say the best beer commercials come from Argentina but there are some other countries that have created truly interesting work.

The best beer commercials of all time

Estrella Damm (Spain, 2010)

Heineken (2009) – Walk in Fridge

Andes (Argentina, 2009) – Teletransporter

Cristal Beer (Argentina, 2012) – Ligar en equipo / Team flirting

Carlton Draught (2006) – It’s a bid ad

Best beer commercial of all times

Best beer commercial of all times

I hope you have enjoyed, there is a lot creativity invested here! Feel free to share yours!

I love when brands make it simple and direct! This is FIFA2014’s welcome Bale Video! Again, we can see how brands are using Real Time Marketing tecniques to get the most out of the top news and events buzzing sharply around the globle. The last case is EA Sports giving a push to its worldwide popular videogame FIFA14 which was launched with Gareth Bale wearing Tottenham t-shirt.

The video is simple and very smart and so is the tagline “It just Got Real”

Welcome Bale

I’m pretty sure you had tried to understand like a thousand times what CONTEXT exactly means when talking about a great story and content marketing.

A part of having a confusing definition (, there are too many posts talking about it with too many words and very few examples.

con·text [kon-tekst]
1. the parts of a written or spoken statement that precede or follow a specific word or passage, usually influencing its meaning or effect: You have misinterpreted my remark because you took it out of context.
2. the set of circumstances or facts that surround a particular event, situation, etc.

Since I believe the best way to define something is by showing a great example, here is mine to explain the importance of CONTEXT when telling an story.

Context vs Content

Thanks Emmanuel Kelly for inspiring us!

That Facebook is the smartest is probably one of the most holy truths I’ve ever heard. It’s known that deleting a FB account is not as easy as it should be. Facebook doesn’t want to lose any of its billion users. This means great Advertising incomes and it took also some time to build it up.

This morning, an amazing new app showed up but it was killed by Facebook after few hours. I’m taking about Social Roulette : 1 in 6 chance of deleting your account. What are you afraid of?

How to delete your Facebook Account Social Roulette

How to delete your Facebook Account Social Roulette

Anti-Facebook feelings are growing as a consequence of the BLUE domination. I think Social Roulette was the perfect way to do it from a fun perspective 🙂 hence play a game. Actually, right after I saw the app, I thought that, probably, inviting brands to join by providing with products or prizes could be such a great business idea. Obvisouly, not all the brand might be interested in it, but what about “Extreme” brands like Red Bull?

Facebook hasn’t doubted a second and has denied the access to its API – As simple as that! Social Roulette and its dream is over or might be NOT!

As The Next Web has written, here are the main causes of this decision from Facebook.

Facebook’s terms ad verbatim, there is debate as to whether allowing deactivation automatically is considered circumvention of Facebook’s limitations on its features. Facebook doesn’t want anyone interfering with deactivations apart from users themselves.

While there are no written terms against an app deactivating accounts, the last thing a business wants is to lose customers, especially in an automatic way. It would come as no surprise were Facebook to add a special clause in its terms in the near future.

In any case, thanks guys from bringing to life this awesome idea!

How to write to go viral. Thanks Seth Godin!

How to Go viral

How to Go viral