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The Viral ADN

By on December 7, 2016

This is one of the greatest campaigns I’ve seen lately. It’s amazing that the brand behind is a travel agency.

Top highlights:
– The insight is perfectly identified and put together. People avoid traveling to certain destinations because of their prejudices towards locals. At the end of the day, we are all a mix of different cultures and races, so why don’t you go find out more -> Solution -> Travel

– The campaign reminds the successful Dove ones.
– The audience is broad enough (indeed, everyone) so virality is more likely to take off.
– Fabulous surprise at the end to close the whole thing and get you and additional excitement!
– “An Open world begins with an open mind” is just a perfect statement!

Watch and Travel!

For full experience visit their campaign microsite

Estoy preparando un webminar sobre el Real Time Marketing para IEBS. Ahora que tengo algo de tiempo, estoy dedicando mi tiempo a volver a desarrollar esta faceta de profesor que siempre me ha encantado.

Real Time Marketing

Información General

Lo quiero ya, ahora, no quiero esperar y además quiero que sea relevante. El nuevo Internet del ‘Now‘ nos ha hecho más exigentes que nunca y las marcas deben tomar nota y adaptarse a ello o morir. Cada momento es una oportunidad para crear relevancia de marca, aunque eso no signifique que debamos participar en cada evento, noticia o momento. El Real Time Marketing es Storytelling impulsado por lo instantáneo.

Real time marketing Now

Consciente del desafío que esto supone, nos adentraremos en este viaje para entender cómo podemos planificar una campaña de Real Time Marketing, utilizar este paradigma a nuestro favor y salir victoriosos contra la vorágine del ‘Now’. Algunas de las claves son planificar posibles eventos, engancharnos a la escucha del mercado, tener un equipo creativo con gran intuición y definir protocolos de actuación.

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Finally and among all the noise that forms Internet nowadays, I found an interesting presentation about the big topic of privacy. Aran Balkan gives plenty of details and will get your attention for sure. The full video is on Facebook and I couldn’t find it anywhere else. For more detail you can go directly to Aran’s blog

Key ideas:

– Our phone is an expansion of our self
– Data is a new asset
– Facebook facilitates the data traveling
– Brands and corporation know the more and more about what we do and think
– Surveillance of the self is an assault; a violation of the self
– If Zuckerberg does what he does we might want to do the same 🙂

digital surveillance

I’ve just received the latest State of Social Marketing report by Simply Measured and I have to say that the report has improved a lot in terms of content quality. Specifically, I liked the section they dedicated to show how to map your social strategy and align it to business impact. Social business seems to be the big topic moving forward.

As they said “Once social marketers are able to quantify social’s area of impact, they can solve the issue of integration, which our survey highlighted as a major challenge”

Social metric map

I believe this graph “Social Metrics Map” is very suitable and helpful as it includes in the same table, not only metric and KPIs but also other items likes goal, social strategy, etc

Below you will find top key findings from the report State of Social Marketing 2006


• Social media is a growing focus for marketing teams: The percentage of social media teams that live within the marketing organization has grown from 49% in 2015 to 63.2% in 2016.
• Marketing teams have two distinct functions: To be stewards of the brand, and to drive revenue and demand.
• Measuring ROI is a massive problem: 61.1% of marketers identified “Measuring ROI” as their top challenge, and only 9.4% said that they’re able to quantify revenue driven by social.
• Social media marketers don’t have the budget they need for analytics software: 76.5% of marketers say they aren’t getting the budget they need to do their best work, and 43% cite analytics software as their biggest need.
• Instagram adoption is nearing complete penetration among brands: 94% of top brands have profiles, and 86% posted to the network in May.
• 100% of top brands have Twitter profiles, and 99% posted in the month of May.

Things continue to change in social media and digital. Messenger platforms are taking over email and soon over social networking, people are using the more and more emojis, paid becomes a must, new platforms are changing the way humans communicate, etc.

10 key trends in social media

I would like to share this presentation that I believe is a great compilation in an era of confusion and disruption.

Would you add any?

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The positioning war has started among agencies. Many agencies have taken different paths by focusing and owning specific topics / words (Engagement, influence, reputation, trust, content, social media, etc.) but only one, Golin has found the right one: RELEVANCE

I’ve been working at Golin for over 3 years now and I believe we have taken the right path. We are relevance obsessed. Even better, we are relevance equipped. Relevance is a strong word and defines the basis of marketing; No attention, No audience.

Golin Relevance agency

Golin Relevance agency

One of my colleagues told me; look, Relevance is like Facebook’s News feed. Users scroll and scroll down but there is no point to be there if you audience is not stopping and engaging. No attention, No audience…

“At Golin, we understand that thousands of brands are trying to reach the same audiences every single day. And that each of them wants to be heard. But consumers are savvier than ever when it comes to what they pay attention to and what they ignore.

There is no other agency out there that understands relevance as the key driver in effective brand communications. Others talk about trust or loyalty or brand love or disruption. We understand that none of those factors matter if your brand or company isn’t relevant. There are many cautionary tales of brands and companies once loved and trusted that became irrelevant and are no longer among us. So we study relevance. And we’ve brought in USC’s Annenberg School to co-author our intellectual property, the Relevance Fingerprint, which looks at what makes a brand relevant and why it matters.

But we don’t stop there. Through a variety of proprietary relevance-building products, we can identify the strongest opportunities that will help our clients build relevance with their target audiences.”

Relevance products

Relevance products

As a marketer you might have seen a lot of social media campaign planning guides but they are either incomplete or not compelling enough. Checking one of my favourite blogs I’ve just found this one that looks very interesting and relevant for me.

Social media campaign guide

Social media campaign guide

1- Pre-campaign planning
a) Channel investigation
b) Building audience
c) Evaluating other campaigns
d) Create your Hashtag

2- Define your campaign goals and metrics

3- Targeting – who you are going to target and how

4- Map out your funnels

5- Create your content and build your editorial calendar

6- Get all your tracking in place – goals, URL builder, etc.

7- Campaign Launch

8- Optimization – assess and adjust

9- Evaluate at the end of project

For full detail check the original post here

Introduction to WeChat

By on December 11, 2015

Wechat is China’s leading social media platform and it’s used by 2x more people than the population of the US!

WeChat is really a swiss army knife in China and it is THE go to platform for most clients that are looking to expand within China.

Thanks to Nicolas and Minhua in Golin Shanghai for putting this together!

What is the reality when we compare Snapchat versus Facebook, Twitter, Instagram?

Snapchat has grown really, really fast in terms of number of users. This is a great thing; however it seems the platform has not yet a clear strategy for revenue drive.