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Donald Trump ha ganado las elecciones en USA y la fiebre del Real Time Marketing ha empezado. A parte de Memes calentados en el microndas podemos encontrar algunas campañas que son verdaderas obras de arte. Creo que los chicos de Leo Burnett han hecho un super trabajo de identificación de insight para crear esta pieza creativa de un gran valor. Parece que el Real Time Marketing puede ir más allá de una pieza sensacionalista y que solo se apoya en el valor de lo rápido. Para un análisis perfecto os recomiendo el post de God Save The Brief.

Corona – The Wall (English Subtitles) from Leo Burnett México on Vimeo.

Ya sabes, No Excuses!

Estoy preparando un webminar sobre el Real Time Marketing para IEBS. Ahora que tengo algo de tiempo, estoy dedicando mi tiempo a volver a desarrollar esta faceta de profesor que siempre me ha encantado.

Real Time Marketing

Información General

Lo quiero ya, ahora, no quiero esperar y además quiero que sea relevante. El nuevo Internet del ‘Now‘ nos ha hecho más exigentes que nunca y las marcas deben tomar nota y adaptarse a ello o morir. Cada momento es una oportunidad para crear relevancia de marca, aunque eso no signifique que debamos participar en cada evento, noticia o momento. El Real Time Marketing es Storytelling impulsado por lo instantáneo.

Real time marketing Now

Consciente del desafío que esto supone, nos adentraremos en este viaje para entender cómo podemos planificar una campaña de Real Time Marketing, utilizar este paradigma a nuestro favor y salir victoriosos contra la vorágine del ‘Now’. Algunas de las claves son planificar posibles eventos, engancharnos a la escucha del mercado, tener un equipo creativo con gran intuición y definir protocolos de actuación.

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I believe that smart ideas can turn the city into a better place. Like a dancing traffic light that makes people wait and watch rather than walk through the red light.

Congrats Smart for creating this amazing piece that has already generated 5K + shares on Facebook and went Viral on Internet

For me, I think the idea of using normal people to do and record the movements in real time is without any doubt what brings the awesome to this campaign.

The dancing light

The dancing light


I saw thousands of memes and Real Time Marketing campaigns, some good, some not that great and I can tell you this one below is my favourite by far…

Best suarez meme

Best suarez meme

Why this is the best Suarez’s bite Real Time Marketing campaign?

– It’s very italian as the brand is… Barilla represents the mass market of Italian pasta
– It uses 11 macarroni = 11 players and one has been bitten. Guess who? 🙂 Chiellini!
– The piece is totally on brand, it feels like any other Barilla advertisement or social media post
– It has a # to guide the audience as that this is for Calcio (Football) fans

What do you think? What it’s your favourite Real Time Marketing piece about Suarez?

If you are looking for an speaker for Real Time Marketing, Ps let me know at conversemos (at)

Now that a New Year has started you might be looking for a good summary of 2013’s best social media and digital campaigns. Our friend Greg has launched his popular compilation and we are happy to share it!

Any campaign you would like to add in? I still think that there is no other like Oreo’s!

Best campaigns social media

Best campaigns social media

Check best social and digital campaigns of 2011

Check best social and digital campaigns of 2012

Real Time Marketing has finally become a reality and many brands are effectively investing on it as a key marketing tactic.

Oreo. Starbucks. American Express.
Dell. These are brands that come to mind when the topic of real-time marketing (RTM) arises — as it does with increasing frequency these days.

Real-time is gaining traction for all kinds of reasons. A recent study by GolinHarris demonstrates real-time can raise literally all desirable marketing metrics.

Eighty-three percent of marketers say they plan to begin to use, or to increase their use of, real-time data in marketing campaigns this year, according to Infogroup Targeting Solutions and Yesmail Interactive (pdf). The movement toward RTM is undeniable.

real time marketing

real time marketing

Real-Time Marketing

As a research analyst, I’m currently digging into this topic (expect a report on the subject in early December). We’ve identified five real-time marketing use case scenarios. All of them support varying business goals; all require real-time capabilities (the advantages and challenges of which our report will address); yet, all require a different balance of strategy, tactics and preparation.

1. Breaking News

The most reactive form of real-time marketing is responding in a legitimate, relevant manner to unanticipated breaking news. This is often the most spontaneous, challenging and difficult type of RTM that a brand can face.

Advance preparation is all but impossible, and very frequently, breaking news isn’t good news, so an acute degree of sensitivity is called for. The requirement is often not just getting a polished message out in a short period of time in reaction to a news event, but also following the arc of a story as it unfolds. “Real time” can last many hours, days, or even weeks or months.

Examples: The BP Gulf oil spill; airlines reacting to the Icelandic volcano eruption; Boston Marathon bombing, etc.

2. Brand Events

Product launches, corporate conferences, media and customer-facing events, offers, and sales all are breaking news events, but of a very different sort. While they unfold in real time, this type of RTM requires a high degree of anticipatory preparation in addition to on-the-spot reactive work.

Content strategy, pre-approvals, media and channel plans, hashtags, creative elements, editorial calendars, etc., can all be prepared and approved in advance. On-the-ground “street teams” are often needed, but the environment is more controlled and guardrails are in place.

Examples: Pepsi’s introduction of a skinny can during Fashion Week; American Express Small Business Saturday; Pizza Hut/Foursquare/Super Bowl check-in promo, etc.

3. Customer Interaction

Customers have come to expect brands to respond to their digital queries and complaints in near-real time, a reality that has compelled more than one enterprise to adopt RTM. Real-time marketing related to customer interactions requires a combination of both reactive and anticipatory work: triage, determining what types of messaging will be responded to and in which channels (public or private), empowering staff to address complaints, having a breaking news communications plan ready for crises, etc.

Examples: CRM, customer service, crisis management, handling complaints, community management, etc.

4. Preparatory/Anticipatory

A growing number of organizations have become mature enough to prepare for real-time events in advance. By having business goals, strategies, teams, approvals, and content at the ready ahead of time, these businesses position themselves to make the most out of such opportunities. This “ducks in a row” approach is deployed by advertisers, sponsors, and consumer brands in advance of major events.

Examples: Oreo’s fully staffed Super Bowl “war room”; HBO preparing content for the Emmys that addressed all categories for which their programming was nominated so appropriate posts could be made for each win or lose scenario; Starbucks preparing assets for a warming beverage that’s deployed locally when snow falls, etc.

5. Location/Object-Based

A relatively small area of RTM, but one that promises perhaps the most future growth in the sector, is location and object-based real-time marketing. This form of RTM is moving far beyond the trend of local food trucks and @ChicagoCabbie publicizing specials and current locations.

Increasingly sophisticated mobile devices such as iBeacon can target a consumer’s location down to the store-shelf level. And devices with sensors create dazzling possibilities for RTM to exist in truly real time and with uncanny relevancy (not to mention creepiness, if handled incorrectly).

Example: Waze/Taco Bell Location ads appear on drivers’ smartphones when they are near a restaurant, but only when they are stopped at a red light.

Via: marketingland

Real Time Marketing has been (finally) one of the big trends in 2013 and it’s here to stay for long.

I’ve seen thousands of Christmas greeting cards this year but none of them are different. That’s the reason why I’m happy to share this great one created by Delov Digital. It takes the greatest moment of 2013 and adds a new amazing twist! Welcome to “The epic Christmas split”

Epic split plane Christmas Chuck

Epic split plane Christmas Chuck

Merry Christmas and happy New Year 2014!

Since social media and all the big guys like Facebook, Twitter, etc. arrived, I felt like the amount of creative and crazy actions had decreased. However, it seems that the quality has yet even improved. The TBWA Paris guys have come up with this campaign called SNCF “Europe. It’s Just Next Door”, for me, one of the best things I’ve seen in a lot of time.

SCNF Europe is netx door

SCNF Europe is netx door

This Guerrilla action is besides its greatness a very innovative idea because all that happens behind this unexpected door is in Real Time. Welcome to Europe!

I love when brands make it simple and direct! This is FIFA2014’s welcome Bale Video! Again, we can see how brands are using Real Time Marketing tecniques to get the most out of the top news and events buzzing sharply around the globle. The last case is EA Sports giving a push to its worldwide popular videogame FIFA14 which was launched with Gareth Bale wearing Tottenham t-shirt.

The video is simple and very smart and so is the tagline “It just Got Real”

Welcome Bale

Real Time Marketing is the new big thing in comms, advertising and social media. Here below is a great example run by GolinHarris Singapore (My current agency) for the launch of the new Pleasure Pop-Up Store in Clarke Quay a couple of weeks ago. Visitors could design their very own Magnum ice cream and enjoy Magnum inspired cocktails and desserts in a stylish lounge setting. The event also introduced two new flavours never tasted before (Pink (Champagne) and Black (Expresso))

Magnum new ice creams singapore

The great idea here is the real time Dashboard (Twitter + Instagram) which defined the color of the Magnum dress depending on what was buzzing more on both social channels, the Pink (#makeitpink) or the Black (#makeitblack).

Great job team!