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Things continue to change in social media and digital. Messenger platforms are taking over email and soon over social networking, people are using the more and more emojis, paid becomes a must, new platforms are changing the way humans communicate, etc.

10 key trends in social media

I would like to share this presentation that I believe is a great compilation in an era of confusion and disruption.

Would you add any?

As a marketer you might have seen a lot of social media campaign planning guides but they are either incomplete or not compelling enough. Checking one of my favourite blogs I’ve just found this one that looks very interesting and relevant for me.

Social media campaign guide

Social media campaign guide

1- Pre-campaign planning
a) Channel investigation
b) Building audience
c) Evaluating other campaigns
d) Create your Hashtag

2- Define your campaign goals and metrics

3- Targeting – who you are going to target and how

4- Map out your funnels

5- Create your content and build your editorial calendar

6- Get all your tracking in place – goals, URL builder, etc.

7- Campaign Launch

8- Optimization – assess and adjust

9- Evaluate at the end of project

For full detail check the original post here

Are you planning to create your own brand? Are you trying to understand what is the meaning of colors in marketing and branding? Is your brand perceived as creative, active, balanced? Here is the answer to all your questions

meaning of colors in marketing branding

This year I wanted to do something different and more authentic so I’ve decided not to read any article about top social media trends for 2015 and write mine from scratch. Sometimes I feel we should follow more our intuition… This is what I truly think:

Social media trends in 2015

Social media trends in 2015

1- From Public to Private social networks.

Whatsapp and similar apps become the boss! People got sick of sharing all their lives. We don’t want to be celebrities anymore as it has broken already to many relationships. This is not cool anymore, we got overwhelmed with stupid content and it’s time to kill the “social ego nightmare” and the “social insecurity sickness“.

2- Uberisation of everything.

It started with the Taxis, well previously with the holidays homes and it will go much further. We will see Uber for eCommerce, beauty services, pizza delivery, etc.

3- One of the big platforms drowns

I’m not saying which one but I feel it will be Twitter, Facebook or YouTube :-)… Or maybe, Google+, Vine, Pinterest?

4- Every social media follows Facebook PAID TO EARNED approach.

Facebook decreased the organic reach down to 0.something 🙂 and all the rest will follow to push the paid option.
Twitter has started already even though they claim to offer 30% of organic reach.
Pinterest has recently announced the paid option is open to everyone.
The rest will just follow…

5- Lead generation becomes the key request.

After understanding that community size (number of fans, followers, etc.) doesn’t matter anymore because you only reach less than 1% through your content and when you promote a post it’s targeted by interest and not by fans; brands will get back to the basics and request for leads (no fans)

6- Platform agnostic Creativity reborn…

Do you remember that time when we talked about Viral and Buzz marketing? Those years were truly amazing as creativity was at the center of every action. I feel social media has killed that a bit over these 4-5 years. Everybody has just been worried about following what the platforms allow you to do and strategies were too channel focused. Now it’s time for platform agnostic creativity that goes beyond the channel to truly attract the consumer and build a fully integrated experience.

2015 is going to be amazing because finally, social media and digital marketing will leave the Comfort Zone to challenge themselves again. We all have been resting over 2014… Wake up because 2015 will truly challenge those who call themselves social media or digital experts…

As you might know, I’m a big fan of football. I love watching football / soccer but also playing it

A good friend of mine has passed me this new app called “FutBoard” which’s goal is to make easier and more efficient the life of amateur football players.

“Futboard’s mission is to bring amateur football players around the globe an easy-to-use app to track, share and organize their football life… For their whole life.”


The target is clearly defined and I think it’s very smart because the audience is larger and more likely to find these app utile.

Football app

Also, I like the idea that you can connect it with wearable to track performance

Futball and wearables

Futball and wearables

And finally the video…

Uber, one of the most successful online businesses over the last decade has been copied and translated into many many other industries. Basically, Uber has broken the barriers between professionals and normal people and so far, it’s changed the taxi industry but also many more…

Uber similar businesses

Uber similar businesses

The Uberfication of Everything is here, and below you can see a really interesting list that compiles the most relevant Uber model aplied to different industries and areas.

The Uberfication of Everything: Directory / list


Drawing a customer journey, a marketing funnel, etc Are usual tasks markerters, we do everyday. However, I feel like many os us are still using the same paradigmas that the Gurus of 60′ were using.

Surfing my favourite blogs I found this great presentation by Dave Fleet which shows how the traditional funnel is dead and how it expands again right after the purchase happens.

social media funnel

social media for loyalty


I saw thousands of memes and Real Time Marketing campaigns, some good, some not that great and I can tell you this one below is my favourite by far…

Best suarez meme

Best suarez meme

Why this is the best Suarez’s bite Real Time Marketing campaign?

– It’s very italian as the brand is… Barilla represents the mass market of Italian pasta
– It uses 11 macarroni = 11 players and one has been bitten. Guess who? 🙂 Chiellini!
– The piece is totally on brand, it feels like any other Barilla advertisement or social media post
– It has a # to guide the audience as that this is for Calcio (Football) fans

What do you think? What it’s your favourite Real Time Marketing piece about Suarez?

If you are looking for an speaker for Real Time Marketing, Ps let me know at conversemos (at)

Many marketers are looking to invest on Tumblr to reach younger audiences. Here are all the numbers, stats, users of Tumblr:

How Big is tumblr?

Playing with your friends is the common denominator of social games however, those with more to offer beat the rest, and they emerge as the most popular. Below are popular social games and the reasons why gamers play them with addiction and gusto.

best social games

best social games

Candy Crush

There’s no doubt that Candy Crush is the social game that tops 2013. To prove that it has taken the number spot in Facebook social game chart is the 36.9 million people that play it almost nonstop. Candy Crush’s yummy candies are its main attraction and the challenging levels that keep gamers taken up for a few minutes clearing cells and matching up three colorful candies. What makes it different from other match-three games is it’s element of strategy in reaching a specific high score and clearing the stage within a limited moves. Friends enjoy it by helping each other unlocking stages and giving out lives and extra moves and keeps everybody on the game. Candy Crush for once proves that having friends really saves the day.

Texas Holde’m Poker

Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker in Facebook is a consistent Facebook’s top ranking social game. While new online casinos are equally popular, gamers play this poker variation with friends to have fun and enjoy the excitement that a poker game brings without spending. Zynga considered its poker game app in facebook as the biggest and those who have big dreams of emerging as a champion play Facebook Texas Hold’em Poker as this game of poker allows them to hone their skills while enjoying it with friends wherever they are. Those with little interest in Poker get some inspirations and it’s a great help in moving to real poker sites.

Criminal Case

This social game from Pretty Simple Games allows anybody to be a member of the police force solving criminal cases. It’s an invitation that hard to resists especially for players who want some pieces of excitement in solving brutal murder cases. What makes Criminal Case exciting is the leader board that allows friends to know who got the highest scores in finding the hidden objects. Showing off your custom-created avatar is another perk of playing of Criminal case.

Hit It Rich Casino Slot

Hit It Rich Casino Slot is another hit casino game from Zynga as Facebook users have ranked it among the top 5 social games in Facebook. People play this game to gain what playing slots on new online casinos offer but for free and for fun. The fun begins with the mythology-themed slots where friends can send gifts, take the challenges and get help to unlock new slots to play. Playing Hit It Rich Slots gets one to experience being a high roller casino player and that simply explain why slot lovers all over the world play it.

Social games have reached new heights as internet users choose to play them while passing off time and some are able to generate great attention to become among the top and most popular among the netizens.

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