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What is the reality when we compare Snapchat versus Facebook, Twitter, Instagram?

Snapchat has grown really, really fast in terms of number of users. This is a great thing; however it seems the platform has not yet a clear strategy for revenue drive.


Real Time Marketing is the new big thing in comms, advertising and social media. Here below is a great example run by GolinHarris Singapore (My current agency) for the launch of the new Pleasure Pop-Up Store in Clarke Quay a couple of weeks ago. Visitors could design their very own Magnum ice cream and enjoy Magnum inspired cocktails and desserts in a stylish lounge setting. The event also introduced two new flavours never tasted before (Pink (Champagne) and Black (Expresso))

Magnum new ice creams singapore

The great idea here is the real time Dashboard (Twitter + Instagram) which defined the color of the Magnum dress depending on what was buzzing more on both social channels, the Pink (#makeitpink) or the Black (#makeitblack).

Great job team!

Marketers, creatives, account people, etc. We all work day to day in agencies, offices and many times we don’t look beyond of what we do. It seems that Communications and Marketing are there just to develop people’s needs and make them pay more for products they’ve never thought about. However, and fortunately, things are changing for the better 🙂

Yesterday I got impacted by this amazing campaign and idea that is happening in Lima, Peru. Mayo DraftFCB and The University of Engineering and Technology have built the first-ever billboard to capture air humidity and turn it into potable drinking water in Lima, the second largest desert capital in the world.

To be honest, seeing these sort of campaigns is what make you feel proud of working in this industry. Congrats to DraftFCB and the University because every single detail of the idea makes totally sense. Big ideas usually come from a right research and a suitable insight identification.

Billborad Potable Water Generator

Billborad Potable Water Generator

Do you know any more examples which contribute to a better life for the community? Leave your comment.

De nuevo son los aeropuertos y la industria de los viajes quienes vuelve a innovar para dar soluciones mas ajustadas y acordes al consumidor.



ViaMilano es basicamente un nuevo servicio gratuito en el aeropuerto de Malpensa, que ofrece las conexiones entre dos o más vuelos, incluso si son gestionados por diferentes compañías aéreas, a cientos de destinos en el mundo.

El registro permite:

Comprar el billete online utilizando un buscador que provee todas las posibilidades de vuelos con correspondencia a Malpensa pero también con vuelos de diferentes compañías. (Se puede beneficiar de un seguro gratuito AXA Assistance por el reembolso del billete).
Beneficiarse del servicio Drop Off gracias al cual se puede depositar los equipajes. ViaMilano se encargará de los equipajes hasta el próximo embarque.
Beneficiarse del Fast Track gratuitamente facilitando los controles de seguridad.
Conectarse gratuitamente durante una hora al Wi-Fi del aeropuerto de Milán.
Recibir un “Shopping Voucher” de un valor de 10 Euros para su utilización en las tiendas prestigiosas del aeropuerto.


Mira este video (EN) que creo da una vision mucho mas clara:

Para acceder al servicio, los pasajeros solamente necesitan registrarse en el sitio:


And finally I had the opportunity to visit New York city and get inspired every single day!

I did visit many areas and places in NYC. Time Square was actually a really crazy area where advertising takes your mind to the next level. When I was there I found this amazing interactive piece by Hyundai that I would like to share with all of you. What I really like about this, it’s the fact that this campaign introduces great interactivity to billboards which have been naturally static since inception.

As you can see, this billboard films people who is located in front of it and put them into a branded Chirstmas car. The result is a very smart idea and a big time engaged audience.

I hope you are enjoying this Christmas next to your loved ones… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from United States!

WOW, if brands can add a video to their Facebook Timeline cover photos, many things are gonna change. I remember the first time I saw animated gif images within Twitter profiles. Scary or innovative?

Tha agency is called Zaraguza and is one of the most awarded Facebook agency! Check their Facebook page here

How to include a video in your Facebook Timeline Cover

How it works?

The Facebook page updates (like every minute aprox) by posting a new image into a Facebook album which is sucked into the Cover image automatically, and is refreshed when new people hit the page or click the refresh button F5.

Old Spice loads again keeping the focus on interactivity! Great idea and awesome execution. Mothing else to add 🙂

Old Spice Muscle Music Interactive video

Old Spice Muscle Music Interactive video

Absolut is one of those brands who are always generating great buzz around its actions. Actually, we have written some articles about its campaigns.

This time, Absolut continues under the Absolut World approach, but innovating in technology and user generated content. The campaign is a fusion of the Google Street View platform combined with an app that allows you to create your own digital street art anywhere in the world, all seen through the augmented reality viewer.

Via: DigitalBuzz

How to use a cool idea to sell more product and connect both experiences is one the best things you can do for a brand. Take a look of how Puma did that for its Puma Usain Bolt!

At the cash register, shoes in hand, they hit a second button and a ticket with a “stop” time was issued. The challenge earned the shoppers a varying level of discount from 5% off (for completing the shop in 10 minutes) to 20% off (for completing the shop in 3 minutes).

Via: DigitalBuzz

Strip for Likes

By on April 13, 2012

Everybody knows that seduction works on Internet and above all on social networks. Under this purpose, the Amsterdam fashion brand Stussy has launched this cool campaign called “Strip for likes” to get new likes. The idea is very simple and it seems working very well.

Now, you know it! like to get the girl undressed!

Stüssy  Amsterdam - Strip for likes

Stüssy Amsterdam - Strip for likes

Stüssy  Amsterdam - Strip for likes

Stüssy Amsterdam - Strip for likes

What do you think? Can we consider this as a great example to acquire new fans and leads? Would it work for other industries?

By the way, I’ve tried several times and I cannot go further than Share or Invite friends step no matter how many people I invite 🙁 – What about you?