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I have to say that the first time I saw this campaign, along with the WOW factor I felt a bit of “poor little creatures”; However, once you watched again, you realise that this is one of the coolest campaigns ever created. Insight is clearly defined, proof is there and more important, SUUMO is able to achieve its objectives in a very smart way.

Sometimes you have to look beyond your world to make something outstanding and extraordinary. It’s quite amazing that SUUMO’s DNA is to “create a world that you can easily move”…

Bye Bye Permission…

By on March 30, 2015

Social media? I remember that term was born as an evolution of other terms that tried to create a better world with less ads and more permission. Sometimes I wonder what happens to the term that Seth Godin created some years ago… It was back in 2008 (January 31). Please don’t disturb... Did you remember anything about Permission Marketing?

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 12.49.45 PM

Everybody working on digital marketing, buzz marketing, viral marketing, Marketing 2.0, Guerrilla Marketing, etc was passionate about the same thing; trying to reach the audience in a more alternative way beyond advertising. Then, online communities were born and few years later social media bounced into the scene. The goal was to create and develop a loyal base of fans who will naturally become advocates. The formula was clear and the first step was all about achieving the permission of those who will give sense to a brand.

Do you like me? Yes, then like my page so you will be able to see my content. This way, both brands and consumers made an agreement: You! brand, I join your community because I like your stuff so you have my permission to delight me… Don’t miss out your opportunity because if I get bored I can unlike you and therefore get back my permission…

Then, the hunger games came to impact reach and brands went from an abundance phase (100%) to a period where reaching more than 100 fans was a milestone for SMBs.

What is nowadays the value of a community? What happens to one of the most famous quotes on marketing history?
“Advertising is the price you pay for not realizing the value of building your passionate tribe”Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian

What’s the point to build a community on Facebook if I can reach my total potential audience by spending few bucks and target them by interest, demographics, etc.?

Why Facebook is focusing everything on Frequency increase again? Wasn’t this part of a far past?

Why should I invest my efforts on building a fan base if only 0% of them see my content?

To sump up, What’s the point to achieve 100% of permission when reach is 0. something?

Bye, bye Permission… Please Disturb me!

If you are looking for a new movie to watch, I would like to recommend “Chef“… A true lesson about the important things in life and a masterclass on social media marketing. I watched it over the weekend and I think was worth sharing.

Besides the lesson it tells you about life, the movie taps into social media as a key marketing strategy developed and managed by a little boy. You will find a lot of references to Twitter for social media crisis, Vine, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Chef and social media

Chef and social media

Enjoy the movie!

Since social media and all the big guys like Facebook, Twitter, etc. arrived, I felt like the amount of creative and crazy actions had decreased. However, it seems that the quality has yet even improved. The TBWA Paris guys have come up with this campaign called SNCF “Europe. It’s Just Next Door”, for me, one of the best things I’ve seen in a lot of time.

SCNF Europe is netx door

SCNF Europe is netx door

This Guerrilla action is besides its greatness a very innovative idea because all that happens behind this unexpected door is in Real Time. Welcome to Europe!

Me gusta que los bancos sean entidades que innovan en marketing. En este caso se trata de EVO, que si bien nunca había escuchado hablar, ahora empezaré a hacerlo. Para promocionar su Cuenta Inteligente, primero lanzaron un spot hecho a base de muñecos de plastilina y stop motion, donde varias personas no podían pegar ojo por culpa de sus preocupaciones financieras. Después, convirtieron su web en todo un centro de relajación para los más somnolientos (todas las noches a partir de las 22:00 h.). Y ahora, nos sorprenden con una acción de street marketing muy notoria.

Puedes ver el Spot aqui

EVO banco guerrilla

En cada una de las piezas de la campaña, EVO ha comunicado que con su Cuenta Inteligente las preocupaciones financieras se esfuman, y así es posible dormir a pierna suelta. Pero para demostrar esta teoría, han decidido crear un ejemplo práctico. Y es que si la Cuenta Inteligente produce un descanso placentero, cualquier lugar es bueno para planchar la oreja, incluso una oficina. Así, en el escaparate de la oficina de Alberto Aguilera (Madrid) se ha instalado una urna con una cama. Visible desde la calle, se podrá contemplar cómo sus clientes descansan plácidamente. Una forma original de sorprender a los viandantes, que verán los efectos de la Cuenta Inteligente EVO in situ.

Tengo que decir que es interesante y arriesgado a su vez porque hay mucho viaandante gracioso y no tiene que ser nada agradable ver como amanece cada mañana pero bueno son cosas menores.

Enhorabuena por la idea y suerte porque en España los temas de bancos tiene tela 🙂

Post Patrocinado.

Real Time Marketing is the new big thing in comms, advertising and social media. Here below is a great example run by GolinHarris Singapore (My current agency) for the launch of the new Pleasure Pop-Up Store in Clarke Quay a couple of weeks ago. Visitors could design their very own Magnum ice cream and enjoy Magnum inspired cocktails and desserts in a stylish lounge setting. The event also introduced two new flavours never tasted before (Pink (Champagne) and Black (Expresso))

Magnum new ice creams singapore

The great idea here is the real time Dashboard (Twitter + Instagram) which defined the color of the Magnum dress depending on what was buzzing more on both social channels, the Pink (#makeitpink) or the Black (#makeitblack).

Great job team!

In a moment when everybody is talking about technology, networks, social, internet, etc. There is a smart brand who is taking advantage of it but in a different way. This brand is not using the same argument but the oppositive narrative. The result is a simple but great concept which fits perfectly into its positioning. Welcome to Free No Wifi by Kit Kat.

Kit Kat: Free No-WiFi Zone from Fethi Uluak on Vimeo.

“Free WiFi is available everywhere we go. People are constantly online, busy with their electronic gadgets all the time. As Kit Kat we saw that as an opportunity to give people a break. So instead of offering Free WiFi like every other brand, we created a Free No-WiFi Zone. A big sign with a small WiFi jammer that blocked all signals within a five meter radius. By doing that we encouraged people to read a newspaper, a real book or have a genuine conversation again. All while munching on a Kit Kat.”

Kit Kat Free No-WiFi Zone

Kit Kat Free No-WiFi Zone

Marketers, creatives, account people, etc. We all work day to day in agencies, offices and many times we don’t look beyond of what we do. It seems that Communications and Marketing are there just to develop people’s needs and make them pay more for products they’ve never thought about. However, and fortunately, things are changing for the better 🙂

Yesterday I got impacted by this amazing campaign and idea that is happening in Lima, Peru. Mayo DraftFCB and The University of Engineering and Technology have built the first-ever billboard to capture air humidity and turn it into potable drinking water in Lima, the second largest desert capital in the world.

To be honest, seeing these sort of campaigns is what make you feel proud of working in this industry. Congrats to DraftFCB and the University because every single detail of the idea makes totally sense. Big ideas usually come from a right research and a suitable insight identification.

Billborad Potable Water Generator

Billborad Potable Water Generator

Do you know any more examples which contribute to a better life for the community? Leave your comment.

And finally I had the opportunity to visit New York city and get inspired every single day!

I did visit many areas and places in NYC. Time Square was actually a really crazy area where advertising takes your mind to the next level. When I was there I found this amazing interactive piece by Hyundai that I would like to share with all of you. What I really like about this, it’s the fact that this campaign introduces great interactivity to billboards which have been naturally static since inception.

As you can see, this billboard films people who is located in front of it and put them into a branded Chirstmas car. The result is a very smart idea and a big time engaged audience.

I hope you are enjoying this Christmas next to your loved ones… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from United States!

Over 73% of Taiwanese men think that grooming is just about cleanness, preferring a clean-shaven look over any type of beard and stubbles. In order to increase penetration of Philips grooming kits, Phillipis created the “Low-tech Augmented Reality Mugs” to spark their interest and elevate any possible look they may have after grooming. Let’s attract them from too focusing on hair. From hair to beard.

Philips Male Grooming  “Real” AUGMENTED REALITY

Great and smart Idea!