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IKEA joins the Slow trend

By on November 18, 2016

Where did the American Dream go? Good question! The answer is clear. According to The Economist, Youngster and Millennials believe The American Dream is much less achievable than before and it seems the concept is dropping on relevance.

America Dream is death

Under this insight (from which study, IKEA sponsors 🙂 ), the furniture brand has just launched an interesting campaign. The copy-writing exercise is amazing and all seems to tell us that IKEA is joining a new movement called Slow. You can see all the research findings here.

Ike american dream

Great stuff IKEA! Bigger doesn’t mean better!

Faster and bigger don’t mean better or greater anymore…The world is praying for a slower lifestyle shift and it seems we are starting to see some relevant movements and campaigns rising hands to make people aware.

Take it easy, relax and watch this great piece of work by Wissame Cherfi. Round of applause for you and Joe!

Fabriqué En Chine from Wissame Cherfi on Vimeo.

Sometimes I feel That place called Mediterranean I left time ago might be the place everyone will migrate in a near future 🙂

Keep it Slow-making!

It sounds strange but Millennials are dead! It’s time for a new generation and this is Generation Z, the real Teens. In comparison to Millennials, who witnessed the rise of social media and instant access to information on the web, members of Gen Z have always been digital. Much like Gen Y, they’re a digitally native generation with a shared penchant for visual forms of communication.

Generation Z vs Generation Y / Millennials

Generation Z

What’s new for Generation Z and how can we marke them correctly?

Be authentic: Gen Z members have an eight-second filter when it comes to through sifting to content online. They can spot pretence instantly
Teach them something: YouTube is their preferred social platform as it plays into their hunger for creation. They’d rather create than purchase, and YouTube tutorials are their teachers
Align with their values: Gen Z members are pragmatic and place making a difference in the world as a top priority. Market a product to them that’s affordable and cause-driven
Market with them and not to them: they value the ability to collaborate with brands. Make them part of core activities such as naming a product, or ask them to join a social-media campaign

5 Key traits of Generation Z

1) They use total of 5 screens!
Millennials are only tuned into a maximum of three screens at a time, while Gen Z has no issue switching back and forth on these platforms multiple times a day, says Alex Taylor, vice president of digital strategy and content at Clique Media Group and social-media-only publication Obsessee. “On average, the Gen Z’ers are spending nearly seven hours a day on screen,” she says. “They really seek a separate screen companion to overlay with their real-world experiences.”

2) It’s all about being pragmatic!
Unlike Millennials who are known to block online ads, 28% of Gen Z are more likely to respond to online ads, but they want to be engaged by real people. This is especially true in advertising, where 63% of them want to see influencers rather than celebrities in ads.

3) Mobile-Only but new devices
Although Gen Z is price-conscious, Deep Focus points out that 60% of teens prefer cool products over cool experiences, as opposed to Millennials, who highly value experiences.
Don’t forget VR, Apple Watch, etc.

Report by WGSN

Although sites like Facebook offer a quick and nice view of what’s going on in the world (Note that Facebook prioritises news over brand posts), there are more insightful sites out here to identify relevant trends and what the future will look like. In this list I’m trying to avoid the big names like Forbes, Nielsen or Masahable.

Here below, it’s the list of 5 relevant sites for trends hunting I’ve subscribed and I follow:

About: “We help businesses process global consumer lifestyle, product and engagement insights, stimulating innovation and growth”

Reason why I like it: Recommended by one of my greatest colleagues, Stylus offers great reports not only about trends but also consumer lifestyle, new products, etc. The blog is really good if you are looking for a quick dose of inspiration.

Stylus trends

About: “With 60,000,000 monthly views, is the world’s largest, most popular trend community. Our head office is based in Toronto, Canada, and we are fueled by a global network of 155,000 members and 3,000,000 fans. Trend Hunter, Trend Hunter TV and Trend Hunter PRO feature 252,000 cutting edge ideas.”

Reason why I like it: Although a classic, I think the site still offers a nice mix of ideas, insights, product innovations, culture, etc. I like how each article is scored and it shows audience information. We can discuss whether this is really accurate or not but it adds a nice touch.

best trends sites

About: “Cool Hunting is an award-winning publication that uncovers the latest in design, technology, style, travel, art and culture. Since 2003 our original content has informed the creative community that’s designing the future.”

Reason why I like it: It’s fresh and it’s name says, the site is very focused on the cool. You can read but also listen, link, look, travel, etc. Get your attention grabbed by a cool image and read further if interested.

Best sites for trend hunting

About: “Established in 2002, we help forward-thinking business professionals in 180+ countries understand the new consumer and subsequently uncover compelling, profitable innovation opportunities.”

Reason why I like it: Free publications are good and the site is very easy to navigate and visually appealing. Their methodology includes a Trend Framework that contains the 16 mega-trends that define the future of business and consumerism at large and which form the basis of their research process.
best research companies


Use these sources to get inspired and get some validation but never stop questioning things. Go underground and observe and identify insights and spot trends on your own. And remember, curiosity is the greatest tool ever designed.

Will Facebook lose 80% of it users by 2017? The answer is NO… It might happen later but in 2017, as predicted by researchers at Princeton University, it’s quite soon to be honest.

Facebook will die

Facebook will die

I’m sure everybody has heard about the news today and probably felt a bit scared. No worries, for me, the conclusion is based in an element which is not fully representative. Why? The research only looks at searches of Facebook on Google (What a irony 🙂 ) as main element and doesn’t take into consideration the growing number of mobile users.

“The 870 million people using Facebook via their smartphones each month could explain the drop in Google searches — those looking to log on are no longer doing so by typing the word Facebook into Google.”

facebook death

facebook death

Facebook mobile users represent almost 60% worldwide and in some key markets it goes way beyond that.

Facebook mobile users worldwide

Facebook mobile users worldwide

For instance, in the US, Facebook revealed 78% Of US Users Are Mobile and in Asia numbers show a really optimistic future.

facebook mobile users asia

facebook mobile users asia


What are your thoughts? Will Facebook die soon or rather later?

Guess how many fake and inactive users are following you? Would you like to know how many of your Twitter followers don’t contribute to your “real” influence?

Surfing the web again I’ve found this pretty interesting tool which basically gives you an overview of how many of your followers (%) are fake, inactive or good. Here is my test…

How many fake followers I have on Twitter

Fake Twitter Follower Check

Something that is very cool is the fact that you can actually check any account you know. I mean, you don’t have to be the admin of the account to be able to get the results.

I think this tool could be helpful for any social media manager to:

– Understand how healthy is your follower base on Twitter.
– For new clients, it can give you a clue on how “professional” was the previous agency that was managing the given Twitter handle.
– Set up a KPI for a better balanced Twitter account. For instance, we can say decrease INACTIVE followers down to 10% and clean up every FAKE account following us.

Check the tool here

What do you think about this tool Status People? How accurate do you think this is?

If you are a marketer in Asia, you will surely be looking for stats, facts and figures about Social media, Digital and Mobile Marketing in Asia. We have good news! We are Social has just released it popular and great study about it!

Find here the main highlights of the Digital, Social Media and Mobile marketing in Asia:

– There are now well over 1 billion internet users around Asia;
– At least 811 million of these people use social media;
50% of the world’s social media users are in Asia;
– More than 10 million new people in Asia join Facebook every month;
– Asia is home to more than 3 billion mobile subscriptions.


See below the whole report.

Happy to share it!

We got the report for The Fortune 100 Social media stats for 2012!

Below are a few pull outs from the 2012 Fortune 100 Social Media Statistics Report:

  • There are over 10 million social mentions of the Fortune 100 each month<
  • With Twitter generating the most amount of chatter
  • 87% of the Fortune 100 now use social media – with twitter the most popular
  • Tweet volumes tripled in the last 12 months
  • 75% of the Fortune 100 are on Facebook
  • Each corporate YouTube Channel averages 2million views
  • Fortune 100 Companies are creative multiple accounts per platform / per region
  • 50% of Fortune 100 Companies have a Google+ Account
  • 25% have a Pinterest Account

If we compare these number with the previous year, we can basically conclude that Fortune brands are actually trusting Google + as a profesional platform, exploring Pinterest and consolidating its position on Facebook and Twitter

Via: DigitalBuzz

There are few resources better than URL shortener bitly for monitoring click-through rates for content shared on Facebook and Twitter. So when bitly released a report last month telling us all the best time to tweet or post to Facebook for click-throughs, we listened. And then we created an infographic.

Best Time To Post on Facebook

Best Time To Post on Facebook

This handy infographic highlights bitly’s data on the best times to share content on Twitter or Facebook if you’re looking to drive traffic to your site (or any site). Bitly found the best times to tweet for click-throughs are early afternoon Monday – Thursday, while Facebook content posted Wednesday at 3 p.m. generates the highest click-through rates, according to bitly’s data.

But why read words when you can look at pictures? Here’s the best-time-to-tweet-or-post-to-Facebook infographic created by digital agency Raka with data provided by bitly:

Best Time To Tweet and Post on Facebook

Best Time To Tweet and Post on Facebook

Source: Rakacreative

Social media integration is one of the top “To Dos” and challenges that companies, but also agencies, have pending on their agendas. Perfectly aligned to that, I’ve founded this great research by InSites Consulting this morning and I couldn’t wait to share it 🙂

How to integrate social media research

Even though the research has only been run in US and UK and the sample is not very representative (400 senior marketing managers), the results are pretty interesting. I will actually highlight the following:

– Brands are investing more resources on largest social networks (E.g Facebook) than on “niche” ones. After Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube close the circle.
My thought: Well, companies have been seeing Social Media as a new marketing channel, so they might go for the hub where the mass audience is (Reminiscence of traditional marketing 🙂 )

– 40% of companies are still in the early stages of integration of social media. 14% of companies affirm having social media fully integrated.
My thought:: fully integrated is a big word.

– Adoption of social networks is high, but integration is still low.
My thought:: Adoption is always the first step to integrate so no surprises here.

– Social media integration leads to more satisfied customer.
My thought:: The question is then – Why do marketers know about it but they are still doubting on integrate and adopt social media? I would say, the majority of them are afraid of potential communication crisis.

– LinkedIn is more relevant for B2B companies. Twitter remains the same for both B2B and B2C.
My thought:: LinkedIn is the top professional social network while Twitter can be used for both approaches.

– Service companies tend to use more social networks than product companies a exception of YouTube.
My thought:: I might think, this is due to the fact YouTube is more similar than TV commercials where marketers feel more comfortable. On the other hand, service companies are usually more likely to look for valuable feedback because they sell basically interactions 🙂

– Lead generation is still the most valuable performance indicator.
My thought:: This is comprehensible when we look to marketing goals and because engagement is still a new area, so many companies haven’t defined strategic goals for it yet.

– The main barriers to integrate social media seem to be: Lack of top management support (which is normal because they are not on social networks yet, so they don’t see the value ( Social media marketing Myopia); no fit with product offering (that’s pretty curious, because there are conversations about any product) and no clear financial results (which is normal if you don’t invest resources in measuring your social media efforts – ROI)
My thought:: See above in brackets.

– 28% of companies in USA and UK have a dedicated person / team assigned to integrate social media in their organization.
My thought:: This is a optimistic point and probably one this job will be one of the most well paid position soon 🙂 . We have HR, we have finance, we have… So, why not Social media integration manager? 🙂 People and culture are wildly growing as a relevant values for companies performance so…

How to integrate social media infographic

Social-Media Integration Infographic Resarch

Social-Media Integration Infographic Resarch