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What is the reality when we compare Snapchat versus Facebook, Twitter, Instagram?

Snapchat has grown really, really fast in terms of number of users. This is a great thing; however it seems the platform has not yet a clear strategy for revenue drive.


Bye Bye Permission…

By on March 30, 2015

Social media? I remember that term was born as an evolution of other terms that tried to create a better world with less ads and more permission. Sometimes I wonder what happens to the term that Seth Godin created some years ago… It was back in 2008 (January 31). Please don’t disturb... Did you remember anything about Permission Marketing?

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 12.49.45 PM

Everybody working on digital marketing, buzz marketing, viral marketing, Marketing 2.0, Guerrilla Marketing, etc was passionate about the same thing; trying to reach the audience in a more alternative way beyond advertising. Then, online communities were born and few years later social media bounced into the scene. The goal was to create and develop a loyal base of fans who will naturally become advocates. The formula was clear and the first step was all about achieving the permission of those who will give sense to a brand.

Do you like me? Yes, then like my page so you will be able to see my content. This way, both brands and consumers made an agreement: You! brand, I join your community because I like your stuff so you have my permission to delight me… Don’t miss out your opportunity because if I get bored I can unlike you and therefore get back my permission…

Then, the hunger games came to impact reach and brands went from an abundance phase (100%) to a period where reaching more than 100 fans was a milestone for SMBs.

What is nowadays the value of a community? What happens to one of the most famous quotes on marketing history?
“Advertising is the price you pay for not realizing the value of building your passionate tribe”Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian

What’s the point to build a community on Facebook if I can reach my total potential audience by spending few bucks and target them by interest, demographics, etc.?

Why Facebook is focusing everything on Frequency increase again? Wasn’t this part of a far past?

Why should I invest my efforts on building a fan base if only 0% of them see my content?

To sump up, What’s the point to achieve 100% of permission when reach is 0. something?

Bye, bye Permission… Please Disturb me!

If you are looking for a new movie to watch, I would like to recommend “Chef“… A true lesson about the important things in life and a masterclass on social media marketing. I watched it over the weekend and I think was worth sharing.

Besides the lesson it tells you about life, the movie taps into social media as a key marketing strategy developed and managed by a little boy. You will find a lot of references to Twitter for social media crisis, Vine, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Chef and social media

Chef and social media

Enjoy the movie!

This year I wanted to do something different and more authentic so I’ve decided not to read any article about top social media trends for 2015 and write mine from scratch. Sometimes I feel we should follow more our intuition… This is what I truly think:

Social media trends in 2015

Social media trends in 2015

1- From Public to Private social networks.

Whatsapp and similar apps become the boss! People got sick of sharing all their lives. We don’t want to be celebrities anymore as it has broken already to many relationships. This is not cool anymore, we got overwhelmed with stupid content and it’s time to kill the “social ego nightmare” and the “social insecurity sickness“.

2- Uberisation of everything.

It started with the Taxis, well previously with the holidays homes and it will go much further. We will see Uber for eCommerce, beauty services, pizza delivery, etc.

3- One of the big platforms drowns

I’m not saying which one but I feel it will be Twitter, Facebook or YouTube :-)… Or maybe, Google+, Vine, Pinterest?

4- Every social media follows Facebook PAID TO EARNED approach.

Facebook decreased the organic reach down to 0.something 🙂 and all the rest will follow to push the paid option.
Twitter has started already even though they claim to offer 30% of organic reach.
Pinterest has recently announced the paid option is open to everyone.
The rest will just follow…

5- Lead generation becomes the key request.

After understanding that community size (number of fans, followers, etc.) doesn’t matter anymore because you only reach less than 1% through your content and when you promote a post it’s targeted by interest and not by fans; brands will get back to the basics and request for leads (no fans)

6- Platform agnostic Creativity reborn…

Do you remember that time when we talked about Viral and Buzz marketing? Those years were truly amazing as creativity was at the center of every action. I feel social media has killed that a bit over these 4-5 years. Everybody has just been worried about following what the platforms allow you to do and strategies were too channel focused. Now it’s time for platform agnostic creativity that goes beyond the channel to truly attract the consumer and build a fully integrated experience.

2015 is going to be amazing because finally, social media and digital marketing will leave the Comfort Zone to challenge themselves again. We all have been resting over 2014… Wake up because 2015 will truly challenge those who call themselves social media or digital experts…

WOW, Twitter’s new profiles are finally here available to everyone and they just look like Facebook. I don’t know what you think but for me it’s obvious that these 2 big Tech companies are gonna be fighting for the same sweet spot. There won’t be Twitter or Facebook anymore but Social. Actually, Weibo was actually the one SN merging or adding features from each one and it seems that it will be the model which will lead the way.


– The Facebook-like redesign features larger text for most engaging content, images and a customizable profile that is designed to be a full on summary about the user.

– Brands can now choose a larger header image, pin a Tweet to the top, and show off their best content.

– The more engaging, the bigger is the text font of the font.

– Brands can now filter feeds so that they only show tweets with images and/or video, regular tweets or tweets and replies.

– Information about the user falls under the profile image, followed by smaller photos of that user’s friends.

– Twitter’s “Following” and “Follower” lists are now cooler. Instead of an actual list, Brands get a Pinterest-like board of cards your followers and following. This allows Twitter to add more detail to each account listing (profile pic, header image, description, “Follow” link and an “Other actions” menu). Now it’s easy to see who follows you so can make best decision on your follow strategy.


– Higher brand identification: The profile is much more visible and shows more information. Also, brands can select the colour to align it with the brand image specifications.

– Engagement is a priority: Tweets that have received more engagement will appear slightly larger, so your best content is easy to find. Besides, you can pin your best performing tweets to the top.

– More Control on content: Now you can choose which timeline to view when checking out other profiles. Select from these options: Tweets, Tweets with photos/videos, or Tweets and replies.



New Nike Twitter profile

New Nike Twitter profile

Ford –

Ford New Twitter profile

Ford New Twitter profile

Sony –

Sony's new Twitter profile

Sony’s new Twitter profile

GE –

General Electric's New Twitter profile

General Electric’s New Twitter profile

McDonalds –

McDonalds' New Twitter profile

McDonalds’ New Twitter profile

Have you found any other cool Twitter profile? Ps, leave your comment.

It seems we finally got a right way to measure influence. These are good news!

As you might know, Brian Solis (Altimeter) developed a pretty interesting piece of research about Digital Influence. Basically, they found out that Digital Influence can be defined by 3 main pillars: Reach, Resonance and Relevance. In my opinion, I think it’s a great way to measure it. I would add some more elements like for example Antiquity and Industry. Antiquity because the older you’ve been publishing the more likely you are to be influent because you got many back-links and you are kind of a reference for the new comers (Obviously if you did well). Industry / Narrative , it’s another factor. I mean, there are industries more likely to spread than others (Celebrities VS History).

So basically, using this model, Traackr has developed this cool Infographic and a corresponding research. I do really like the fact that we can tailor our influencer strategy depending on the goal we are trying to achieve. For instance, if our goal is to increase awareness we definitely will go with a mix of celebrities, connectors, activists and probably journalists.

Types of influencers

Types of influencers

Hope you find it this interesting!

People might think I’m outmoded because Mad Men has already boomed in US few time ago. Whatever, I’m enjoying this TV show now and sometimes you can learn masterful lesson about advertising and communication which will still work nowadays 🙂

This is the letter that Draper sent to all media when the huge LUCKY STRIKE left them to go to BBDO… WELL DONE, Mr Draper!

Drapper mad men letter tobacco

Drapper mad men letter tobacco

This is one the best PR and buzz campaign I’ve ever seen; or might we call it Guerrilla marketing 🙂

How Are people Influenced online is one of the top questions many social media marketers are trying to find out. Under this purpose, I found this interesting infographic which takes us to 3 main points:

– The history of influence. Don’t underestimate the power of the traditional Tupper ware meetings 🙂

The two thinking schools of Influence – Gladweel VS Matts – Uber Influencers VS Peer Influencers. I consider both are winners because the situation used to be lead by Top influencers (bloggers) and now thanks to the raise of social networks, it looks like more Peer to Peer influencers.

– Peer to Peer Recommendations as the most important channel to increase sales.

I would also like to highlight this great quote from Joe Tripodi, CMO at Coca Cola.

Who Are the Real Online Influencers

Advocay key for sales

 SOCIAL influence marketing infographic

SOCIAL influence marketing infographic

Please feel free to share your thoughts.

Source : CrowdTap

La verdad que llevaba ya unas semanas queriendo escribir este post porque es la segunda vez que Maxima Flores me ha ofrecido la posibilidad de enviar flores online. Como sabéis vivo en Singapore desde ya hace casi dos años, así que este tipo de detalles siempre se agradecen 🙂

Tengo que decir que su servicio es exquisito, y si tengo que destacar algo por encima de todo es la calidad de sus ramos de flores que por supuesto incluyen una nota que puedes personalizar. Vamos, la mezcla perfecta para sorprender a tu madre el DIA DE LA MADRE 🙂 . Mamá estás guapísima!

Me gusta mucho los nombres que les ponen a los ramos y tengo que decir que tienen una solida presencia en social media.

Gracias de nuevo a Maxima Flores por contactarme y sacarle una sonrisa a mi madre que la pobre sufre de lejanía 🙂 . En especial un fuerte abrazo a Jesus Monge (@jmonge87) que fue quien me contactó y es un fiel seguidor.

Update 16/05/2012 – Y esta es la foto del otro ENVIO!

Por fin las marcas se van dando cuenta!! Viva Magnum! Todo hoy en día funciona a base de trabajo duro y personalización de experiencias :-).

Si recordáis, hace un tiempo posteé acerca de Magnum Pleasure Hunt (Version 1). Pues bien, hoy me llega un email de Helena de Tinkle con sorpresa!

Algunos dirán que no es personalizada 100% y es cierto. Entiendo que a los top influyentes les han hecho mensajito al estilo Old Spice. Pero, bueno, la sorpresa ahí queda que es lo importante.

Magnum Pleasure Hunt 2

La verdad es que esta nueva experiencia es todavia mejor…

Magnum Pleasure Hunt 2 - New York

Magnum Pleasure Hunt 2 - New York

Quieres vivir la experiencia Magnum 2 ? Haz clic aqui

Lo único que he echado en falta es crear una URL única para cada uno de los links que llevan a la Experiencia Magnum 2 🙂

¿Qué piensas? ¿Es una buena idea? ¿Te lo han enviado también?