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The Viral ADN

By on December 7, 2016

This is one of the greatest campaigns I’ve seen lately. It’s amazing that the brand behind is a travel agency.

Top highlights:
– The insight is perfectly identified and put together. People avoid traveling to certain destinations because of their prejudices towards locals. At the end of the day, we are all a mix of different cultures and races, so why don’t you go find out more -> Solution -> Travel

– The campaign reminds the successful Dove ones.
– The audience is broad enough (indeed, everyone) so virality is more likely to take off.
– Fabulous surprise at the end to close the whole thing and get you and additional excitement!
– “An Open world begins with an open mind” is just a perfect statement!

Watch and Travel!

For full experience visit their campaign microsite

I’ve always consider myself a Seth Godin fan. Create something worth talking about and you will have it all!

This week’s been one of those week that made me fall in love with great advertisng again.

A good friend of mine, Javier and his team from Pixel and Pixel is behind this great piece that made it all along the Spanish market.


Well, their client is Netflix and the goal is to promote the series Narcos. Translation is evident: Oh, White snow. Get it? The rest is art 🙂

It’s amazing how amazingly you can get the attention of the audience with a little 3 word game and a clear insight already popular among the audience.

Will this piece make it to the International audience? I hope so! Congrats guys! Well done, everybody is now talking about your client! #Achieved #ThisIsViral

Samsung Electronics muestra las reacciones de adultos de diferentes nacionalidades, entre ellos un español, al abrir su regalo: una televisión Samsung SUHD.

La campaña se acompaña de la web ‘Best present ever‘ en la que los usuarios pueden crear su propio personaje para estas navidades. Este tipo de acciones me recuerdan mucho a aquellas que englobábamos dentro de marketing viral y que hacíamos cuando trabaja en Luxemburgo. Me entusiasme ver una de estas piezas todavía por el mercado digital 🙂

Samsung best gift ever

El objetivo de la acción es recordar que es posible volver a ilusionarse como niños.

Matt Smith, managing y strategic director de The Viral Factory, agencia que ha co-dirigido el spot junto a Jones Agency, explica que el cliente quería mostrar cómo es posible “volver a encender la emoción al conseguir una nueva tele. Desde Samsung Electronics querían recordar a los adultos lo emocionados que estaban cuando recibían un regalo, y cómo pueden volver a sentir esa ilusión estas navidades con una nueva tv”. Según Smith, “nos inspiramos en los vídeos populares que están online de niños cuando reciben sus regalos y reaccionan de manera divertida”.

El spot, filmado en Londres, ha contado con un elenco de actores de todo el mundo elegidos por su capacidad para simular una reacción infantil.

Buen trabajo y contento y nostálgico por ver otra vez este tipo de piezas.

Siempre es bonito recordar que es posible volver a ilusionarse como niños.

Post Patrocinado.

IKEA joins the Slow trend

By on November 18, 2016

Where did the American Dream go? Good question! The answer is clear. According to The Economist, Youngster and Millennials believe The American Dream is much less achievable than before and it seems the concept is dropping on relevance.

America Dream is death

Under this insight (from which study, IKEA sponsors 🙂 ), the furniture brand has just launched an interesting campaign. The copy-writing exercise is amazing and all seems to tell us that IKEA is joining a new movement called Slow. You can see all the research findings here.

Ike american dream

Great stuff IKEA! Bigger doesn’t mean better!

Faster and bigger don’t mean better or greater anymore…The world is praying for a slower lifestyle shift and it seems we are starting to see some relevant movements and campaigns rising hands to make people aware.

Take it easy, relax and watch this great piece of work by Wissame Cherfi. Round of applause for you and Joe!

Fabriqué En Chine from Wissame Cherfi on Vimeo.

Sometimes I feel That place called Mediterranean I left time ago might be the place everyone will migrate in a near future 🙂

Keep it Slow-making!

Donald Trump ha ganado las elecciones en USA y la fiebre del Real Time Marketing ha empezado. A parte de Memes calentados en el microndas podemos encontrar algunas campañas que son verdaderas obras de arte. Creo que los chicos de Leo Burnett han hecho un super trabajo de identificación de insight para crear esta pieza creativa de un gran valor. Parece que el Real Time Marketing puede ir más allá de una pieza sensacionalista y que solo se apoya en el valor de lo rápido. Para un análisis perfecto os recomiendo el post de God Save The Brief.

Corona – The Wall (English Subtitles) from Leo Burnett México on Vimeo.

Ya sabes, No Excuses!

Estoy preparando un webminar sobre el Real Time Marketing para IEBS. Ahora que tengo algo de tiempo, estoy dedicando mi tiempo a volver a desarrollar esta faceta de profesor que siempre me ha encantado.

Real Time Marketing

Información General

Lo quiero ya, ahora, no quiero esperar y además quiero que sea relevante. El nuevo Internet del ‘Now‘ nos ha hecho más exigentes que nunca y las marcas deben tomar nota y adaptarse a ello o morir. Cada momento es una oportunidad para crear relevancia de marca, aunque eso no signifique que debamos participar en cada evento, noticia o momento. El Real Time Marketing es Storytelling impulsado por lo instantáneo.

Real time marketing Now

Consciente del desafío que esto supone, nos adentraremos en este viaje para entender cómo podemos planificar una campaña de Real Time Marketing, utilizar este paradigma a nuestro favor y salir victoriosos contra la vorágine del ‘Now’. Algunas de las claves son planificar posibles eventos, engancharnos a la escucha del mercado, tener un equipo creativo con gran intuición y definir protocolos de actuación.

¿Me acompañas? Tiene que ser ¡ahora! Puedes Insribirte aquī

It sounds strange but Millennials are dead! It’s time for a new generation and this is Generation Z, the real Teens. In comparison to Millennials, who witnessed the rise of social media and instant access to information on the web, members of Gen Z have always been digital. Much like Gen Y, they’re a digitally native generation with a shared penchant for visual forms of communication.

Generation Z vs Generation Y / Millennials

Generation Z

What’s new for Generation Z and how can we marke them correctly?

Be authentic: Gen Z members have an eight-second filter when it comes to through sifting to content online. They can spot pretence instantly
Teach them something: YouTube is their preferred social platform as it plays into their hunger for creation. They’d rather create than purchase, and YouTube tutorials are their teachers
Align with their values: Gen Z members are pragmatic and place making a difference in the world as a top priority. Market a product to them that’s affordable and cause-driven
Market with them and not to them: they value the ability to collaborate with brands. Make them part of core activities such as naming a product, or ask them to join a social-media campaign

5 Key traits of Generation Z

1) They use total of 5 screens!
Millennials are only tuned into a maximum of three screens at a time, while Gen Z has no issue switching back and forth on these platforms multiple times a day, says Alex Taylor, vice president of digital strategy and content at Clique Media Group and social-media-only publication Obsessee. “On average, the Gen Z’ers are spending nearly seven hours a day on screen,” she says. “They really seek a separate screen companion to overlay with their real-world experiences.”

2) It’s all about being pragmatic!
Unlike Millennials who are known to block online ads, 28% of Gen Z are more likely to respond to online ads, but they want to be engaged by real people. This is especially true in advertising, where 63% of them want to see influencers rather than celebrities in ads.

3) Mobile-Only but new devices
Although Gen Z is price-conscious, Deep Focus points out that 60% of teens prefer cool products over cool experiences, as opposed to Millennials, who highly value experiences.
Don’t forget VR, Apple Watch, etc.

Report by WGSN

I tell you… Black Mirror is not that far from present

Black Mirror is that new Nextflix series that is buzzing around powerfully as shows the dark side of life, technology and the new hyper-connected world. Since I’m someone very passionate about the digital world I got fully addicted to it.

The good news is that new episodes have been released and Season 3 is boom!. I would recommend to watch episode 1. Why? Because it’s represents very clear how digital influence works and the how dangerous the scoring approach is.

What’s interesting is the fact that we are not that far from there. Basically, people are rated (0-5) after every interaction they have so people become very hypocrite as everybody plays the game. Does it sound familiar to you? Because for me it does. This is not all, your circle is very important and the more you connect and get high scores from high score people the better. What’s funny is that you can hire a consultant who will help you increase your score. They do an analysis of your influence and will find strategies on how to increase your score. For example, among the most popular techniques there are mixing with high score people, be more thankful, post eco or social related content, etc.

The thing is that the higher is your score the better benefits you get. For instance, you are admitted in cool clubs, welcome to live in the best neighborhoods, etc.


On the other hand, if you try to be to honest or speak loud, people will look at you as a crazy person and will start rating you down. Don’t mess it up! Once you go down 2.5 nobody will trust you and you are quite likely to end in the streets or even in prison.

I have some high score, trust me and go watch it!

Finally and among all the noise that forms Internet nowadays, I found an interesting presentation about the big topic of privacy. Aran Balkan gives plenty of details and will get your attention for sure. The full video is on Facebook and I couldn’t find it anywhere else. For more detail you can go directly to Aran’s blog

Key ideas:

– Our phone is an expansion of our self
– Data is a new asset
– Facebook facilitates the data traveling
– Brands and corporation know the more and more about what we do and think
– Surveillance of the self is an assault; a violation of the self
– If Zuckerberg does what he does we might want to do the same 🙂

digital surveillance