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I’ve just received the latest State of Social Marketing report by Simply Measured and I have to say that the report has improved a lot in terms of content quality. Specifically, I liked the section they dedicated to show how to map your social strategy and align it to business impact. Social business seems to be the big topic moving forward.

As they said “Once social marketers are able to quantify social’s area of impact, they can solve the issue of integration, which our survey highlighted as a major challenge”

Social metric map

I believe this graph “Social Metrics Map” is very suitable and helpful as it includes in the same table, not only metric and KPIs but also other items likes goal, social strategy, etc

Below you will find top key findings from the report State of Social Marketing 2006


• Social media is a growing focus for marketing teams: The percentage of social media teams that live within the marketing organization has grown from 49% in 2015 to 63.2% in 2016.
• Marketing teams have two distinct functions: To be stewards of the brand, and to drive revenue and demand.
• Measuring ROI is a massive problem: 61.1% of marketers identified “Measuring ROI” as their top challenge, and only 9.4% said that they’re able to quantify revenue driven by social.
• Social media marketers don’t have the budget they need for analytics software: 76.5% of marketers say they aren’t getting the budget they need to do their best work, and 43% cite analytics software as their biggest need.
• Instagram adoption is nearing complete penetration among brands: 94% of top brands have profiles, and 86% posted to the network in May.
• 100% of top brands have Twitter profiles, and 99% posted in the month of May.

Things continue to change in social media and digital. Messenger platforms are taking over email and soon over social networking, people are using the more and more emojis, paid becomes a must, new platforms are changing the way humans communicate, etc.

10 key trends in social media

I would like to share this presentation that I believe is a great compilation in an era of confusion and disruption.

Would you add any?

Introduction to WeChat

By on December 11, 2015

Wechat is China’s leading social media platform and it’s used by 2x more people than the population of the US!

WeChat is really a swiss army knife in China and it is THE go to platform for most clients that are looking to expand within China.

Thanks to Nicolas and Minhua in Golin Shanghai for putting this together!

Are you planning to create your own brand? Are you trying to understand what is the meaning of colors in marketing and branding? Is your brand perceived as creative, active, balanced? Here is the answer to all your questions

meaning of colors in marketing branding

Uber, one of the most successful online businesses over the last decade has been copied and translated into many many other industries. Basically, Uber has broken the barriers between professionals and normal people and so far, it’s changed the taxi industry but also many more…

Uber similar businesses

Uber similar businesses

The Uberfication of Everything is here, and below you can see a really interesting list that compiles the most relevant Uber model aplied to different industries and areas.

The Uberfication of Everything: Directory / list


WOW, Twitter’s new profiles are finally here available to everyone and they just look like Facebook. I don’t know what you think but for me it’s obvious that these 2 big Tech companies are gonna be fighting for the same sweet spot. There won’t be Twitter or Facebook anymore but Social. Actually, Weibo was actually the one SN merging or adding features from each one and it seems that it will be the model which will lead the way.


– The Facebook-like redesign features larger text for most engaging content, images and a customizable profile that is designed to be a full on summary about the user.

– Brands can now choose a larger header image, pin a Tweet to the top, and show off their best content.

– The more engaging, the bigger is the text font of the font.

– Brands can now filter feeds so that they only show tweets with images and/or video, regular tweets or tweets and replies.

– Information about the user falls under the profile image, followed by smaller photos of that user’s friends.

– Twitter’s “Following” and “Follower” lists are now cooler. Instead of an actual list, Brands get a Pinterest-like board of cards your followers and following. This allows Twitter to add more detail to each account listing (profile pic, header image, description, “Follow” link and an “Other actions” menu). Now it’s easy to see who follows you so can make best decision on your follow strategy.


– Higher brand identification: The profile is much more visible and shows more information. Also, brands can select the colour to align it with the brand image specifications.

– Engagement is a priority: Tweets that have received more engagement will appear slightly larger, so your best content is easy to find. Besides, you can pin your best performing tweets to the top.

– More Control on content: Now you can choose which timeline to view when checking out other profiles. Select from these options: Tweets, Tweets with photos/videos, or Tweets and replies.



New Nike Twitter profile

New Nike Twitter profile

Ford –

Ford New Twitter profile

Ford New Twitter profile

Sony –

Sony's new Twitter profile

Sony’s new Twitter profile

GE –

General Electric's New Twitter profile

General Electric’s New Twitter profile

McDonalds –

McDonalds' New Twitter profile

McDonalds’ New Twitter profile

Have you found any other cool Twitter profile? Ps, leave your comment.

El E-Commerce se ha convertido en los ultimos años en una via de generacion de negocios sobre todo en el clima de crisis en el cual nos situamos.

El E-Commerce ofrece grandes ventajas como llegar a un mercado global, estar abiertos 24/7, reducción de costes, posibilidad de ofrecer un servicio personalizado e incluso, generar una información de mercado muy valiosa pues esta llena de insights de comportamiento del usuario / cliente.

En España, el panaorama es más que optimista y el comercio electrónico seguirá creciendo a lo largo de 2014, en concreto un 13,4%, y con una facturación cercana a los 12.383 millones de euros, según el estudio anual sobre comercio electrónic B2C 2012 (edición 2013), presentado por el Observatorio Nacional de las Telecomunicaciones.

Curiosamente a parte de las soluciones mas populares de creacion de tiendas onlines, otras marcas estan invirtiendo en este area para desarrollar tambien soluciones como tiendas or TPV virtuales.

Un ejemplo de marcas ofreciendo comercio electrónico ventajas y soluciones es el Banco Sabadell.

Banco sabadell ecommerce

Banco sabadell ecommerce

Post patrocinado por Zync.

How to Turn Social Media into Sales is one of the most repeated questions nowadays. Many marketers got lost because they focus their efforts on technology, coolness and design. What we do need to think about is the client. The user has to be in the center of any social media strategy. Technology, design and a good idea will help them to spread the word but they MUST to put the user and its social intelligence in the center. Yes, it’s as simple as that! Have happy clients and help them to say it…

10 Proven Ways to Turn Social Media into Social Sales in 2013

10 Proven Ways to Turn Social Media into Social Sales in 2013

This is the main message from this awesome presentation I found in Slideshare. Enjoy the reading!

Marketers, creatives, account people, etc. We all work day to day in agencies, offices and many times we don’t look beyond of what we do. It seems that Communications and Marketing are there just to develop people’s needs and make them pay more for products they’ve never thought about. However, and fortunately, things are changing for the better 🙂

Yesterday I got impacted by this amazing campaign and idea that is happening in Lima, Peru. Mayo DraftFCB and The University of Engineering and Technology have built the first-ever billboard to capture air humidity and turn it into potable drinking water in Lima, the second largest desert capital in the world.

To be honest, seeing these sort of campaigns is what make you feel proud of working in this industry. Congrats to DraftFCB and the University because every single detail of the idea makes totally sense. Big ideas usually come from a right research and a suitable insight identification.

Billborad Potable Water Generator

Billborad Potable Water Generator

Do you know any more examples which contribute to a better life for the community? Leave your comment.

De nuevo son los aeropuertos y la industria de los viajes quienes vuelve a innovar para dar soluciones mas ajustadas y acordes al consumidor.



ViaMilano es basicamente un nuevo servicio gratuito en el aeropuerto de Malpensa, que ofrece las conexiones entre dos o más vuelos, incluso si son gestionados por diferentes compañías aéreas, a cientos de destinos en el mundo.

El registro permite:

Comprar el billete online utilizando un buscador que provee todas las posibilidades de vuelos con correspondencia a Malpensa pero también con vuelos de diferentes compañías. (Se puede beneficiar de un seguro gratuito AXA Assistance por el reembolso del billete).
Beneficiarse del servicio Drop Off gracias al cual se puede depositar los equipajes. ViaMilano se encargará de los equipajes hasta el próximo embarque.
Beneficiarse del Fast Track gratuitamente facilitando los controles de seguridad.
Conectarse gratuitamente durante una hora al Wi-Fi del aeropuerto de Milán.
Recibir un “Shopping Voucher” de un valor de 10 Euros para su utilización en las tiendas prestigiosas del aeropuerto.


Mira este video (EN) que creo da una vision mucho mas clara:

Para acceder al servicio, los pasajeros solamente necesitan registrarse en el sitio: