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Everybody knows what Shopify is and indeed how they changed the ecommerce industry some years ago. Until here everything looks ok and good for them; however, I’ve been receiving some emails lately that will clearly show you why brands must be careful with email automation..

Shopify crisis Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 10.55.01 AM

After receiving appealing emails from a trusted authority on eCommerce you realised the story is quite different. Apparently, these emails are showing and being sent as the forum threads have lots of comments…. Shopify Scam

Yeah, well, apparently quantity doesn’t always mean quality

Shopify scam

What the is Future for ECommerce is one of the questions many marketers are asking themselves. Here below you can find an Infographic with some of the key trends:


Uber, one of the most successful online businesses over the last decade has been copied and translated into many many other industries. Basically, Uber has broken the barriers between professionals and normal people and so far, it’s changed the taxi industry but also many more…

Uber similar businesses

Uber similar businesses

The Uberfication of Everything is here, and below you can see a really interesting list that compiles the most relevant Uber model aplied to different industries and areas.

The Uberfication of Everything: Directory / list


ZMOT plays a major (and growing) role in CPG shopping in Asia. It offers a tremendous new way for marketers to reach shoppers and the public at large. Google commissioned a major study with research firm TNS to learn more about ZMOT moments for the CPG industry in Asia. TNS talked to 8,000+ female shoppers across 8 different Asian markets: China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore. The results show which sources most influence buying decisions in 6 categories of consumer packaged goods. We share those results for the first time in a book we’ve created called “Winning the Zero Moment of Truth in Asia”.


APAC ecommerce landscape

APAC ecommerce landscape

This is indeed a really interesting report if you are looking at selling goods online in Asia.

Download full Ecommerce Asia report here

El E-Commerce se ha convertido en los ultimos años en una via de generacion de negocios sobre todo en el clima de crisis en el cual nos situamos.

El E-Commerce ofrece grandes ventajas como llegar a un mercado global, estar abiertos 24/7, reducción de costes, posibilidad de ofrecer un servicio personalizado e incluso, generar una información de mercado muy valiosa pues esta llena de insights de comportamiento del usuario / cliente.

En España, el panaorama es más que optimista y el comercio electrónico seguirá creciendo a lo largo de 2014, en concreto un 13,4%, y con una facturación cercana a los 12.383 millones de euros, según el estudio anual sobre comercio electrónic B2C 2012 (edición 2013), presentado por el Observatorio Nacional de las Telecomunicaciones.

Curiosamente a parte de las soluciones mas populares de creacion de tiendas onlines, otras marcas estan invirtiendo en este area para desarrollar tambien soluciones como tiendas or TPV virtuales.

Un ejemplo de marcas ofreciendo comercio electrónico ventajas y soluciones es el Banco Sabadell.

Banco sabadell ecommerce

Banco sabadell ecommerce

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What is Bitcoin and How it works is becoming a trending topic lately after seeing the whole banking crisis in western countries. Here is a great Infographic to understand how Bitcoin works and why is different from the traditional system.
The Infographic also shows key stats of Bitcoin.

Would you use Bitcoin?

How Bitcoin works

If you run an E-commerce business or are interested in understanding better the digital shopper, here is a worth reading report released by Capgemini.

One of the key points is without a doubt how we can understand his behavior across all the channels to provide with an integrated and satisfactory experience.

The digital shopper funnel

The digital shopper funnel

The digital shopper infographic

The digital shopper infographic

Download the Digital Shopper report

How to Turn Social Media into Sales is one of the most repeated questions nowadays. Many marketers got lost because they focus their efforts on technology, coolness and design. What we do need to think about is the client. The user has to be in the center of any social media strategy. Technology, design and a good idea will help them to spread the word but they MUST to put the user and its social intelligence in the center. Yes, it’s as simple as that! Have happy clients and help them to say it…

10 Proven Ways to Turn Social Media into Social Sales in 2013

10 Proven Ways to Turn Social Media into Social Sales in 2013

This is the main message from this awesome presentation I found in Slideshare. Enjoy the reading!

Spending in Asia-Pacific e-commerce (B2C) is about to surpass North America.

In 2012, sales grew by 21.1% to EUR 740 billion in global revenues for the first time in history, according to new estimates from eMarketer. This consultancy also has advanced a further increase of 18.3% for the 2013 in which, for the first time, the Asia-Pacific bloc will overtake North America to become the number one market for B2C e-commerce sales.

Ecommerce Asia pacific

Ecommerce Asia pacific

This new future hegemony in Asia-Pacific is explained by the rapid increase in the presence of several eastern countries in the top five in B2C online trade worldwide.

Top countries ecommerce Asia

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Adidas NEO Window Shopping

By on November 2, 2012

Integrating offline and online experiences continues to be one of the new challengues that marketers who belive in innovation are facing nowadays. When it goes to the retail industry, the possibilities get bigger and really exiciting. Sometime ago I wrote about a really cool virtual innitiative to try Sunglasses in New York.

Under this purpose Adidas comes into scene again with a pretty cool and integrated inniative.

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