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Faster and bigger don’t mean better or greater anymore…The world is praying for a slower lifestyle shift and it seems we are starting to see some relevant movements and campaigns rising hands to make people aware.

Take it easy, relax and watch this great piece of work by Wissame Cherfi. Round of applause for you and Joe!

Fabriqué En Chine from Wissame Cherfi on Vimeo.

Sometimes I feel That place called Mediterranean I left time ago might be the place everyone will migrate in a near future 🙂

Keep it Slow-making!

WeChat and WhatsApp are one of the buzzing platforms this year and in Asia, both are competing for a piece of a potentially profitable cake.

See below an Infographic with the main differences between WeChat vs. WhatsApp

wechat vs whatapp

Social media and especially Facebook have brought a series of new metrics that are part of every marketing action.  Indeed, nowadays marketers live immersed in the era of like, follow and engagement. Until now, everything looks normal; however there are some metrics that have disappeared with no rational reason and which still might remain relevant.

If we look back a few years ago, one of the key metrics that was present in every campaign or marketing action was frequency. However, nowadays it seems that no one is talking about it anymore. Frequency was traditionally associated to “Opportunity to See and it was stipulated that brands needed at least 5 OTS to achieve a decent impact. It’s true that times have changed and advertising has become less and less effective but frequency in social media should still remain important. Obviously, we are not referring to any Spam practice because we all know that over-impacting is one of the most important causes for fan / following abandonment.  Instead, we are talking about Frequency as a metric to measure fan / following retention. Keep in mind that retention is always more cost effective than acquisition, above all in social media that is starting to show signs of maturity.  

Fan retention

Fan retention

“FAN RETENTION: How often do fans interact with this Page? It would be great to have many fans that like and comment regularly”

At GolinHarris, we do use tools to be able to measure Frequency and therefore have a say on how often fans / followers interact with a given Facebook or Twitter page. At the end of the day, communications is no longer about one big shoot but having many fans that like and comment on a regular basis. What is the percentage of your fans / followers who engage with your page more than once?  

Source: GolinHarris blog Asia

How to appear more often and more efficiently in the Facebook Newsfeed, the key question

Here is another interesting post about how Facebook Edgerank works I wrote some time ago and below it’s a fantastic post written by Pam Dyer.

Give your posts a higher probability of appearing at the top of users’ News Feeds.

The News Feed — in the center column of your home page — is a list of stories from the people and pages you follow on Facebook. Customized and continuously updated, it is designed to make the most out of the time you spend on the social network by serving up the information that’s the most meaningful to you. News Feed stories include likes, status updates, app activity, photos, videos, and links. According to comScore, 40% of time on Facebook is spent on the News Feed. When a user logs in, there are normally many more posts than can fit in their “top news”. EdgeRankis an algorithm developed by Facebook that governs what is displayed — and how high — on the News Feed. Knowing how Facebook decides what shows up (and what doesn’t) in news feeds is key for digital marketers. If you can write posts with an eye toward the EdgeRank algorithm, they will have a higher probability of being displayed at the top of users’ “top news”.

What is an Edge?

Every piece of content in Facebook is called an Object (for our purposes here, think “post”), and each interaction with that content is called an Edge. Examples of Edges include status updates, comments, likes, and shares. Each Edge is comprised of Affinity, Weight, and Time Decay. Sounds pretty complicated, right? Stay with me and you’ll understand why it’s simple and effective — it’s very similar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The EdgeRank algorithm

EdgeRank Algorithm Equation Understanding Facebook EdgeRank [Infographics] EdgeRank is the sum of Edges. It looks at all of the Edges (actions on Facebook) that are connected to you and ranks them according to their importance to you. Objects(posts) with the highest EdgeRank typically appear at the top of the News Feed, although there’s a small amount of randomness.

What is Affinity?

Affinity is a one-way relationship between a user and an Edge.Think of it as a measure of the closeness between you and a brand. It looks at whether or not you’ve previously interacted with a post or whether your friends are engaging with it — actions taken into consideration include liking, sharing, commenting, and messaging.

What is Weight?

Weight is a system that increases or decreases the value of actions within Facebook. All Edges(Facebook actions) are assigned a value chosen by Facebook. Edges that take the most time to accomplish tend to weigh more — for example, commenting is more involved than simply liking a post, so it’s considered to be more valuable.

What is Time Decay?

Time Decay is the easiest of these variables to understand. It refers to how long the Edge has been alive — expressed mathematically, it is 1 ÷ (Time Since Action). The older an Edge is, the less value it has. This helps weed out old content and replace it with interesting new content.

Improve the EdgeRank of your posts

Here are some ways to get your posts to the top of Facebook’s News Feed:

1. Create and post more engaging content and post it often

Increase affinity for the people who like your Facebook page by posting content that appeals to them. Polls, questions, contests, and other interactive initiatives increase engagement. The more often you post, the less you’ll deal with post decay, which lowers content visibility.

2. Calls to action will encourage more people to like your page

facebook page evolution Understanding Facebook EdgeRank [Infographics] Engagement increases with the size of your audience. Clear CTAs that raise interaction rates — sharing, liking, and commenting on your posts — improves the weightof that content. Post trivia questions and encourage people to answer by commenting on the posts, ask users to tag themselves in photos and like their favorites, etc.

3. Post links, photos, and videos frequently

Facebook pages that always include these have the best EdgeRank scores. Text-only posts don’t stand out or offer much opportunity for engagement. Adding links, photos, and videos to all of your posts increases visual interaction, making it more likely that users will view/watch, share, like, comment, and browse. This improves affinity and weight.

4. Avoid attracting Likers with low affinity

Contests that give away unrelated prizes attract many people who will never engage with your brand — they’re only liking your page to get the swag you’re giving away. Chances are that none of your messages will show up in their news feeds. If thousands of people like your page but only a few actually see your content, you’re not accomplishing your goal. It’s important to build an online community instead of going for the “low-hanging fruit” to increase the number of people who like your page, which creates an illusion of engagement.

5. Post consistently at strategic times

Post often — at least once a day — to decrease the time decay of your content. See my post, How to Improve Your Facebook Fan Engagement, for detailed analysis about the best times to post by industry. It includes a cheat sheet for effective wall post strategies.

Facebook EdgeRank Explained

Facebook EdgeRank Explained

Starbucks has lost its place as the most social company in the restaurant business. Starbucks’ loss is McDonald’s gain But how did McDonald’s do it? The answer seems to be pretty straightforward – transparency. During the second half of 2012 McDonald’s ran a well trailed campaign to open up to its public, including videos of behind the scenes at the restaurants and an open invitation to ask questions on any aspect of the McDonald’s food chain. Mc Donals best practice social media Why this Mc Donald’s Your questions is a best practice in social media? 1- Easy to use. 2- Easy to find! Questions and Answers are perfectly categorised and tagged. 3- Visually appealing. Iphone / Pinterest Look and Feel. 4- Autosuggestion enabled when tapping a questions. 5- Top questions with high engagement are in the top! In adittion to this, they have created great behind the scenes videos which add this extra of transparency and makes this a really great work!  McDonald's social media best practices Congrats Mc Donald’s because YOU GOT IT! SOCIAL MEDIA = Solutions Measurables

Twitter es un medio social que aunque muchos utilizan pocos saben realmente las posibilidades que ofrece. Bajo ese objetivo, me gustaría compartir con vosotros esta interesante Guía de como usar Twitter e incrementar el número de fans que es muy sencilla y compila una serie de grandes verdaderas sobre la herramienta. Qué la disfrutes!

How to Grow Your Brand on Twitter -

How to Grow Your Brand on Twitter -

Si consideras que ya sabes todo esto, te recomendaría echarle un vistazo a esta recopilación de campañas creatives en Twitter.

If you are working or doing social media, digital or mobile across Asia you must be happy to access to this interesting research. I hope you enjoy it!

Some of the facts and figures are pretty crazy to be honest. Will be Asia the next big thing or is it already? You decide 🙂

Qzone Versus Facebook in Asia

Qzone Versus Facebook in Asia

Esta es una de las grandes preguntas a la que nos enfrentamos y que por desgracia no aparece en los informes standards de las páginas de Facebook o los perfiles de Twitter – ¿CUALES SON LOS TOP FANS DE MI PAGINA DE FACEBOOK Y LOS TOP FOLLOWERS DE MI PERFIL DE TWITTER?

Si no tienes presupuesto y tiempo te recomiendo utilizar CROWDBOOSTER. La herramienta es gratuita hasta 5 perfiles y el resultado es bastante adecuado. Llevo meses disfrutando de su funcionalidad e incluso más tiempo con ganas de escribir un post.


cuales son tus mejores fans





Lo que me gusta de la herramienta (que básicamente es todo. La parte de Reach / impressiones está muy bien) es para esta parte te permite ver tus mejore sfans y followers semanal, mensual y o de manera personalizada (cuanto quieras).

Una vez tienes esta INFO, ya sabes ahora es el momento tu desarrollar una acción táctica para recompensarlos o premiarlos por el Word of mouth orgánico que están generando y el extra valor que esta aportando a tu marca.

Espero que este pequeño consejo te ayude a ahorrar tiempo y costes a la hora de implementar tus estrategias de social media -(También es importante para MEJORAR TU SOCIAL MEDIA ROI)

Pues la verdad que ya era hora porque LinkedIn parecía quedarse atrás en cuanto funcionalidad comparado con el resto de las redes sociales líderes. Por fin, LinkedIn ofrece estadisticas (insight) específicas para sus grupos!

A continuación puedes ver un ejemplo para un grupo especializado en Social media en Asia Pacific que creé en LinkedIn hace unos meses.

Basically, encontramos unas estadísticas generales, y para completar un insight específico para las 3 principales AREAS:

– Audiencia (Demographics, incluyendo Seniority, Ubicación, Función y Sector ). Este punto ofrece importante información.
– Growth – Crecimiento. Interesante el punto donde podemos ver la tasa de crecimiento semana tras semana.
– Activity – Engagement. Este apartado nos permite ver básicamente cual es la actividad generada en el grupo. Lo que no entiendo es porque no han incluido LIKES y SHARES porque al final son también reacciones que nos permitirían tener acceso a info verdaderamente de valor.

Estadisticas groupos linkedin

Estadisticas groupos linkedin

Estadisticas groupos linkedin - Demographics (Perfil audiencia)

Estadisticas groupos LinkedIn - Demographics (Perfil audiencia)

Estadisticas groupos Linkedin - Engagement y Actividad

Estadisticas groupos Linkedin - Engagement y Actividad


– El diseño es claro, sencillo y limpio.
– Se motiva el compartir estas nuevas estadisticas para grupos en LinkedIn.
– Creo que es algo que todo el mundo estaba esperando, depues de ver el nuevo INSIGHT de las Páginas de Facebook.

– Deberían incluir estadisticas para Lifetime miembros y nuevos miembros.
– No queda muy claro cual es la periocididad de estos reports, Semanal? Mensual? diaria?
– No entiendo porque ofrece datos sobre discussiones y comentarios pero NO sobre Likes y Shares. Gran fallo!
– Hablando de discussiones, LinkedIn debería separar las creadas por el administrador y aquellas creadas por usuarios, ¿No crees?
– No entiendo porque desde el principio LinkedIn ha incluído “Top Influencers” y ahora parece que le quita importancia.

Pues la verdad es que aunque creo es un paso adelante para LinkedIn, las cosas se podrían haber hecho mucho mejor. Esperemos que LINKEDIN este monitorieando las primeras impresiones sobre esta nueva funcionalidad y escuche algunas de nuestras opiniones 🙂


Brandkarma es básicamente una comunidad de usuarios que puntúan a las marcas incluyendo sus comentarios para determinar el Karma de estás para 5 áreas principales (Planet (eco), Costumers, Suppliers, Employees and Investors).

Su misión tal y como dicen ellos es “To help everyone make better brand choices and influence brand behavior for good”.

¿Conocías BrandKarma? ¿Qué opinas?


que es brandkarma