The best digital campaigns of 2012

I love this moment of the year because you can find great compilations with the best videos, campaigns, brands, etc.. I used to prepare mine but this year has been a busy year so I haven’t had time. I will try to prepare something soon though. Again, our “Pote” Greg has prepared this cool compilation […]

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Hyundai : ‘Live Image Show’ on New York’s Time Square

And finally I had the opportunity to visit New York city and get inspired every single day! I did visit many areas and places in NYC. Time Square was actually a really crazy area where advertising takes your mind to the next level. When I was there I found this amazing interactive piece by Hyundai […]

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Philips Male Grooming | “Real” AUGMENTED REALITY

Over 73% of Taiwanese men think that grooming is just about cleanness, preferring a clean-shaven look over any type of beard and stubbles. In order to increase penetration of Philips grooming kits, Phillipis created the “Low-tech Augmented Reality Mugs” to spark their interest and elevate any possible look they may have after grooming. Let’s attract […]

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Nuevo spot Freixenet – Esta vez tu puedes ser la burbuja

Freixenet vuelve a innovar otro año mas y esta vez su propuesta es mas “social” que nunca. Depues de contar con varias modelos, actrices, etc ha decidido democratizar tu historia y pedir a la gente “normal” que envie su propuesta. La marca lo expone claramente: Después de Sara Baras, Shakira, Sharon Stone y Antonio Banderas, […]

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Alex Bogusky, ahora SI soy fan tuyo! The Real Bears

Muchos medios son claros ” You could say that Alex Bogusky has gone from subservient chickens to unhappy bears” Yo lo soy MAS! Ahora SÍ mate, ahora SÍ soy un verdadero fan tuyo! Después de un paréntesis de un par de años, el creativo está de vuelta haciendo lo que hizo durante la mayor parte […]

Read More » Lucha contra los virus de tu ordenador y el VIH

Llevaba tiempo si ver lo que yo llamo campañas inteligentes. son aquellas que de una manera creativa llevan un concepto de un área a otra y encaja perfectamente. Este es el caso. Basicamente, Enviando un SMS por 1,20€ obtendrás la mejor protección para tu ordenador y ayudarás a UNICEF a luchar contra el VIH/SIDA. Antivihrus […]

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How to detect Facebook ads bots and click fraude – Zopim

A lot of people like to complain about their experiences on major web platforms such as Facebook and actually we can find already some article talking about Facebook Ads bots and so. There are 2 main articles that have been buzzing lately. We have one call “Startup Claims 80% Of Its Facebook Ad Clicks Are […]

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